We all know that pink diamonds sit at the very top of the best stones list. If you are planning to surprise your bride-to-be with a stunning pink diamond engagement ring, here is everything you need to know! You must know every aspect of the ring design, including diamond settings. Let’s directly jump into the details so that it helps you choose a pink diamond while buying a diamond.


5 Creative Ways To Set Pink Diamonds


1) Colour Combination

Of course, pink diamonds look great on their own, or with clear diamonds. Colors can be combined in such a way that – a halo of green paves diamonds with a central pink stone. Another great combination is rose gold and pink stones as the Rose gold hue blends well with the pink color. In fact, Greens, yellows, blues, and greys can also be combined with pink diamonds to get a perfect design.


2) Pink Pave Cluster

The custom jeweler has loose Argyle pink diamonds for sale and there are many cuts that could be used. The jewelry maker would create 3D designs and eventually, a perfect design will be found and the work can begin. Hundreds of fine pink diamond images, plus a selection of pre-cut stones can be found at the jewelry stores.


3)  Sapphire Halo

Creating a halo of blue sapphires would make for the perfect setting for a central pink Argyle diamond. This design is ideal for those women who love pink and blue. A 3D computer image of the ring created by the designer allows you to study every aspect in detail. This way any kind of slight changes can be done easily to get the desired design from the jeweler. You could even choose a double row of sapphires, with a heart shape and rose gold, or perhaps platinum.


4) White & Pink Diamonds On Platinum

Blending white and pink diamonds in a platinum ring is yet another attractive design. Platinum resonating with the white diamonds that are tinged with pink. How beautiful isn’t it? You’ll be happy to learn that a custom pink diamond engagement ring is no more costly than choosing a ring from the shelf! A unique designed ring created as per your concept could be the personalized ring for your lady.


5) Strictly Pink


Of course, there’s no reason to choose any other color if you really do love pink diamonds! This can be easily created by talking to a leading Australian jewelry designer. There are many beautiful cluster designs are available in the catalog. Whether you already have a design in mind or are open to any suggestions, the jewelry maker has you covered.


Pink Argyle diamonds have been the hot favorites of many women. If you want the best deals, talk to a custom jeweler who has access to loose stones so that you can save money. The trouble of starting from scratch to fabricate a pink diamond engagement ring will not be tiring when you see a smile on her face. Your love, our creation, and her happiness.


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