5 Tips for saving water in bathrooms.

Water is one important resource without which we cannot survive. We often consider natural resource as granted and never bother about conservation of these resources. Increasing global warming is the nature alarm, at least now we should start saving water. If the consumption continues the same way, one day we will end up without a single drop of water on earth. let’s wake up now, it all starts with you. These are very simple and easy steps with which we can save liters of water every day.

  1.  Shower vs Bucket bath:  In this era of development, innovations have lead us to a high living, simple thinking lifestyle.  When there are options, we always go for easiest compared to tough ones. But have we ever thought if we can return something to our society by choosing the tough option then why I’m not doing?. Why I’m explaining all this because I’m suggesting to choose bucket bath over shower.  It is always easy to turn on the shower and relax while bathing. But most of us are not aware that shower consumes double the water that can be done using a bucket (This depends on water efficiency, tub size, shower time). Always prefer bathing using a bucket to save water. If you cannot (CANNOT) opt for bucket bath then try to minimise the water wastage, store the water in a bucket which you generally waste to get warm water from the shower. This water can be used for plants, pets, to clean toilets etc.
  2. Never let it to leak:  I read this somewhere ‘If every household in America had a faucet that dripped once each second, 928 million gallons of water a day would leak away’. Water leaking from taps/faucets looks very minimal but try storing it. You might get buckets of water from a leaking faucet! Never ignore or delay repairing these leakers, they are the cons to save water. If your bathroom accessories are very old, leaking over and over again even after repair then better replace them. Make sure you turned off the tap completely otherwise unknowingly there will be water wastage until you turn it off properly.
  3. Keep it off:  Most of us have the habit to keep faucet running while brushing or while washing face. Develop a good practice of turning off the faucets whenever not required. You may take just 3 minutes to brush but think how much water will flow to drainage in that small amount of time.
  4.  Use Bin: We throw tissues in a toilet and flush them over and over again.  One flush consumes one medium size bucket of water. Hence using bin can save several gallons of water.
  5.  Shower time: If you are not in hurry then you will not realize how much time you are spending in the shower. Always set time so that it helps in water saving.


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