Best Summer Outfits

It’s time to flaunt skin, feel the sun rays, get into the water, explore trails, plan vacations… Time to sing Go Beaches! We are all excited and waiting eagerly to go out and feel the air. Because it is SUMMER time!

And who doesn’t love summer, right?

Even after having a wardrobe full of clothes, summer makes us feel ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Hence today we will see 4 Best Women Summer Outfits with some mix and match fashion. These styles never go out of style hence you can purchase as many varieties as you can to make your closet look colorful.

For bikini lovers, this is the best time! Find your perfect size & styles to enjoy the summer in your summer-perfect body.

Summer offers us lots to explore in fashion and style. For example; Palazoos, long dresses, sleeveless tops, skirts, tank tops, whites, short dresses, and there are many other options.  If you know how to mix and match using different clothes lying in your closet then you are all set for the summer. Go out, pose and enjoy the sunshine!

Here are some of the fashion tips for summer;

  • Make sure the clothes are comfortable and well washed (not itchy!).
  • Try avoiding synthetic material. Cotton clothes are the best to enjoy summer.
  • Protect your skin – Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses & a hat.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup on these sweaty days. Go for subtle makeup that makes you look natural.
  • Buy a nice body gel & fabric refresher to avoid sweaty smells.
  • Keep a scarf and an umbrella in your handbag.
  • Though dark lip shades are best to get perfect photographs, most of the time they mess with your look because of the sweat and humidity.
  • Skin tans are unavoidable hence make sure you cover that skin that you don’t want to get tanned.


4 Best Women Summer Outfits

1)  T-Shirt & Shorts

4 Best women Summer Outfit 2019
Calvin Lupiya on Unsplash

What else can beat this combination? They are stylish, comfortable, trendy and elegant! Whether it is trekking or beach, Zipline or river rafting this will never fail to give a classy look.

These days, there are a variety of shorts which can be matched with the T-shirt. To change the look you can even wear shirts and tie to get a sexy look.

A formal shirt over the t-shirt is another trend that comes along with T-shirts & shorts. Thus you can wear multiple combinations with a fresh look every time.

2)  Floral Dresses

4 Best women Summer Outfit 2019
Jenna Anderson on Unsplash

Once the spring season starts, floral dresses start rocking the shops. They look best in photos and hence many people prefer wearing floral especially during summer.

They are best for beaches and water sports because of the quality of quick drying. Also, they don’t look weird making you uncomfortable in the water.

One-piece dresses, floral blouse with shorts are the best combination to wear in this summer.

3) Cotton Dresses

4 Best women Summer Outfit 2019
MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Summer is not just about fashion, it is also about being cool and comfortable. Cotton dresses are the best coolers and also good for the skin.

Hence many fashion designers are working to bring more styles with cotton clothing. As shown in the image, these dresses are comfy and stylish.

Though they are not suitable for trekking or any other summer sports, they can be worn whenever you are exploring the city. An overcoat on top of such dresses never fails to give a sexy look.

White tops with denim jeans are the evergreen summer trends. They are the best combination ever and there is no substitute yet! Just grab a cotton white shirt, match with any type of denim or shorts.

4) Long Shirts

4 Best women Summer Outfit 2019
Yegide Matthews on Unsplash

Long shirts are recent summer trends! You can wear them along with shorts. Long shirts come in different patterns, material, and designs.

Another important thing about long shirts is that they provide extreme comfort! These also can be worn with jeans or skirts but the best combination is along with shorts.

Disclaimer: This post has is published in sponsorship with Infifashion.