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Top Hindi Web series on Youtube

Top 10 Hindi Web Series on YouTube

  Recently Youtube has reached a wide range of audience creating many video makers across the globe. Indian digital reach can be classified as before Jio & after Jio. After Jio Youtube became one of the prominent Social Media especially in India. Unlike Netflix, Amazon or Hotstar Youtube doesn’t need …


Why Suits is one of my favorite shows? Read here

  I was waiting for a long time to write about this show. Suits on Amazon Prime is one of my favorite shows. I have written many posts on many TV shows but for very few shows I give the title ‘favorite‘. This is my first legal TV drama and …

Vice Principals on HBO

‘Vice Principals’ Humorous Comedy TV show

  Danny McBride is known for his comedy and witty dialogues. This American comedy actor and director made his name through the series Eastbound & Down. Eastbound & Down is a comedy TV show available on HBO. This show is the story of a sportsman who joins a middle school …


10 Recently Added Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

  When it comes to Indian movies Amazon is the number 1 because it has some of the best Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil movies. New movies instantly come to Amazon making it one of the best movie platforms. I was really impressed by the Amazon when it bought the KGF …

Shows on HBO

The Wire on HBO: Legendary TV Show in Detective series

  I have seen shows like Breaking Bad, Narcos, The Sopranos but The Wire on HBO stands out of the crowd because of its unique way of storytelling. I also can proclaim it is the best when compared to all the above shows. “The Wire” on HBO highlights the drugs …

best TV show on Amazon Prime

Sneaky Pete- One of the best TV show on Amazon Prime

  We started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime because there were 50k+ reviews for this show. Having 4+ rating by 50k+ people is not a small thing. Can you believe there exists a man who can trick a person in the split of a second? He can steal Rolex …

Romantic Movies On Netflix

Romantic movies on Netflix

  Netflix has a wide range of movies and TV shows. When you compare streaming channels such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, etc, Netflix tops the list in terms of a number of movies and shows. Netflix is the house of many international movies. There are Hindi, Arabic, German, …


Quantico – Why I started hating this TV show

  We all(Indians) were excited when ABC announced that Priyanka Chopra is casting in their upcoming series Quantico. This made us really proud because for us it was a big thing. Our girl being part of International media is itself sounds like an achievement. Well, Quantico first season was released in 2015. …