Cleaning Tips: Easy and better ways to clean dirty utensils

Burnt Pans: Soak the burnt pan in a magical solution overnight. Baking soda, vinegar and water combination of these will be the perfect solution for burnt pans.   Burnt Kettle: Pour burnt kettle in dirt cheap cola, leave for 10-15 min and wipe away. Tarnished Utensils: A simple chemical reaction can remove… Read more“Cleaning Tips: Easy and better ways to clean dirty utensils”

Chopping Vegetables? Here are the tips

We all have to deal with cooking, it may be today or some other day.  When it comes to cooking, chopping vegetables is the most important part. Here are few tips which help in minimizing efforts. ONIONS These makes us cry! But don’t cry, just follow this tip. Before chopping… Read more“Chopping Vegetables? Here are the tips”