Definitely, until my mom told me about these tips I was not good in selecting fruits. It was the most difficult task for me to buy completely ripen fruits.

Sometimes they were ‘over-ripen’, tasteless and sometimes they were ‘yet to ripe’ and sour. I’m so glad that I came to know about these easiest methods to find ripe fruit. There are many fruits available on earth but mentioned are the ones for which I know the trick! Don’t ask me about the rest. I’m still not good at them!

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Unripe avocados are eatable but there will not be a creamy texture. Flavor and taste of raw avocado sucks!! Raw avocados(Bright green) takes 4-5 days to ripe (Purple black). Refrigeration slows the process hence always store at room temperature.


Raw watermelons are rich with Vitamin C & D but nobody likes to eat raw watermelon! These fruits contain a lot of water which helps to keep the body hydrated. Always look for the yellow spot on watermelon for the reddish spongy yield. Wrap the half cut watermelon in zip lac bag or any thin plastic bag and then store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for a long time.



Flip the pineapple over and sniff the stem end. A sweet scent is generally considered the most important aspect of choosing a ripe pineapple. If it has no scent, it’s probably not ripe.



Ahh! Easy to choose. Raw ones are whitish pink and hard. Bright red colored strawberries are sweet and fruity. A study says strawberries can cure most of the diseases. Then what are you waiting for? Go and buy!!



Compared to other fruits these are less preferred fruits. Kiwifruit is sweet and tangy. We often see slices of this fruit in cake decorations. Unripe kiwis are very tangy in taste, softly press your thumb on Kiwi fruit, if you see the thumb indent on fruit then the fruit is perfect to eat.  Over-ripen fruits will be too soft hence rot very soon.



This is the most preferred fruit worldwide. Gives instant energy and serves as a meal in an emergency, no-food-available scenarios. Every part of the banana plant is useful. Indians use the banana stem, raw banana in the cooking. Bright yellow bananas are a perfect choice.



No big brain is required! Just choose a brightly colored, plump berry. Somewhere I read that this plant species belongs to Rose family. Now don’t ask ‘Red rose’?? HA!



These are very rarely used fruits. But believe me, this fruit has dozens of health benefits. Veins of Cantaloupes will be smooth if it is ripe and also there should be orange color in between, not green!



Papayas don’t have any particular symptom to check whether they are ripe or not. Sometimes even the green papayas are ripened and good to eat but a good suggestion is to look for the bright yellow papayas for a sweet flavor.