We all have to deal with cooking, it may be today or some other day.  When it comes to cooking, chopping vegetables is the most important part. Here are few tips which help in minimizing efforts.

  • ONIONS These makes us cry! But don’t cry, just follow this tip. Before chopping soak Onions in water for 10 Minutes. Now no tear outflow while cutting onions. Also, start cutting from the bottom of the onion. 
  • GARLIC Hard to peel isn’t it? Smashing the flat of your chef’s knife on garlic with the heel of your hand makes peeling them easier.
  • GINGER Peel the fresh ginger with steel spoon or any spoon instead of a vegetable peeler.
  • FENUGREEK It takes a lot of time to cut the fenugreek leaves. So don’t cut them! Just pluck the leaves. This makes the process easier and also dish will not taste bitter. Veggies like Fenugreek, Coriander are too small hence takes a lot of time to chop using a knife. I suggest using scissors is the easiest way to cut them. 
  • COCONUT Usually we grate it half (or how much we need) and keep the whole coconut in the fridge. Instead, grate a whole coconut at a time and store remaining in the fridge. Thus the freshness lost for longer.