We all know that money comes along with the hard work. But there are certain apps that provide points or money for your grocery shopping receipts, photos, Walk-ins, surveys, product reviews etc.

Grocery shopping is mandatory for every household. Whether you are staying single or staying with family, you need to do grocery shopping every week or so. What if you can earn money every time you shop? Cool isn’t it?

Yes, there are few apps that pay certain points or dollars for your receipts. Most importantly all these apps are absolutely FREE to install. All you need is, be organized to keep your shopping receipts safe and spend a few minutes uploading these receipts and Boom! That’s it!

Not only just grocery shopping, but you can also earn reward points on your flight booking, hotels, credit card expenses, online shopping, and many other things.




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Get cashback on everyday purchases with Ibotta. Check Ibotta before you shop, travel, dine out or buy from an app to earn cashback on every purchase! They work with leading brands and retailers to help you save money without the hassle of traditional coupons, discounts or promo codes. Ibotta has thousands of grocery stores, of which major ones are Walmart, Uber, CBS, Hotels.com,  Costco, Target, Kroger, Best Buy, Walgreens and many more.


  1. Install App and Register
  2. Find Cash Back Rebates
  3. Go Shopping – Buy the things you love from favorite stores, retailers, restaurants, bars, and apps
  4. Redeem Rebates – Scan and upload your receipts.
  5. Get Cash Back – Cash out via PayPal, Venmo or choose from a variety of gift cards!


  1. Pay with ibotta option helps you to earn more points every time you spend.
  2. Easy payments via Paypal
  3. Teamwork option lets to earn more quickly.


Cashback is very less (In cents on most of the products)





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Checkout 51 is a free grocery savings app that saves you money and time spent on grocery coupon hunting! Offer rewards are updated weekly to save you money on grocery and household products. All you need to do is to save the receipt picture to upload into this app. Checkout51 team will send a check to your address once the savings reach $20.  You can view your balance anytime in the app.


  1. Install App and Register
  2. Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday.
  3. Buy the products from any store.
  4. Take a photo of your receipt to redeem your offer.
  5. Earn cash back!


  1. Good amount of cashback on every purchase.
  2. Cashback limit is $20
  3. Along with Paypal, there is check option for cashouts.


If the account becomes static for some time the earned money will be nullified.





Shopkick is the shopping app that rewards you with FREE gift cards for the shopping you already do! Starbucks, Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, and many other gift cards can be earned. Open Shopkick when you’re at home, the grocery store, or the mall and start earning points (called “kicks”). Redeem those kicks for gift cards and cool products.

It also gives kicks every time you walk-in a particular store and scan the products from the list. You can use this referral code BLUE724479  to get free joining kicks.



  1. Install App and Register
  2. Turn on your phone Bluetooth, open Shopkick app whenever you are entering the retail store.
  3. Shopkick provides points(Kicks) for walk-ins, scanning particular items and receipts.
  4. Cash in those kicks for free gift cards to Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Sephora, Best Buy and more!


  1. Walk-ins are easy way to earn kicks
  2. Most of the kicks can be earned just by scanning bar code (No need to purchase!)


There is no cashout option.





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Buy and save with Cash Back rewards, coupons, discount offers, and deals. Buy health and beauty products, electronics, clothing, beauty, and fashion products from more than 2,000 listed stores, including eBay, Groupon, Walmart, and Target. They offer almost everything, from promo codes for hotels to gift cards for your favorite retail stores and websites. The most important highlights of Ebates are they give cash back rewards, discount gift cards, and promo codes. You can also earn money by referring a friend or inviting a friend.


  1. Register to Ebates and get browser extension. This helps to get notified about cashback rewards on the go.
  2. Activate the cashback button.
  3. Enjoy cashback rewards when you shop at Macy’s, Target, Walmart etc.


  1. Easy discounts
  2. No need for any extra activities.


Everything needs to be shopped through the Ebates website.





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This is an online rewarding website that gives points (called SB) for online activities like watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, playing games etc.  There are multiple activities through which you can earn more and more SBs. They also release Swag codes every day to help their members to earn swag points. I feel this is the easiest way to earn money without much effort.


  1. Install App and Register
  2. Take surveys, watch videos, subscribe to swag codes to get free swag codes every day.
  3. Redeem your SB anytime for $5 – $25 gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, Starbucks and more.


  1. Along with shopping, SB can be earned via surveys, watching videos etc.
  2. You can even redeem SB for money.
  3. Good for people who shop online


No cashouts for earned SB.