G-Eazy, Weeknd terminates their partnership with H&M after its controversial racism action

Well, it been two days social media is giving the front and back to H&M for its racism action. Within seconds, many people have responded, tweeted their opinions, views about the promotional image that H&M displayed on its website. The issue was, H&M displayed a hoodie worn by a black kid (model) reading ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’.

Terry Mango, mother of this model seemed pretty fine with this and she feels this is an unnecessary issue to cry about. She wants people to get over with this -says her facebook post.

Mom might be fine with her kid is shown as ‘Coolest monkey’ but few celebrities have considered issue very seriously. Rapper G-Easy ended up his partnership with H&M. He tweeted;

In regards to H&M

Well, that is brave move! Well done G-Eazy we are proud of you 🙂 Next comes Starboy The weekend who cut his ties with H&M for the same reason.

Sean Combs, popularly known as P Diddy offered a million dollar modeling contract to this little model boy. Massive respect P Diddy 

Though H&M is deeply sorry about its action and published an apology letter on its website it is looking very difficult for it to come over this issue. #BoycottHM tag is still trending on Twitter.

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