H&M issues an apology letter for its controversial racism hoodie

Swedish based multinational clothing retail H&M is in news from past 2 days. There was a hoodie displayed on H&M website with the quote ‘COOLEST MONKEY in the jungle’.  Well, what is wrong with this? There was nothing wrong with the hoodie or with its color or its Price. What went wrong was the model who wore this hoodie was a black boy and the quote.

H&M could have come with some inspiring quotes for kids who are the future. When this came to limelight many surfed H&M website and found many other promotional images which were disturbing.

Many people condemned this racism action of H&M over the social media. People even transformed the H&M image into stunning artwork to show their disapproval with H&M.

Not only normal people, few celebrities also joined their voices against this racism action. Rapper G-Eazy canceled his partnership with H&M after it was accused of racism over a promotional image of a black child dressed in a hoodie reading ‘Coolest Monkey in the jungle’.  Starboy The Weeknd also said that he will no longer be working with H&M.

After the sudden fire all over the media about this incident, H&M removed the controversial image from its website and apologized to everyone.

Yesterday there was an official apology letter posted by H&M on its website. They said ‘Our position simple – we’ve got this wrong and we are deeply sorry’


This incident is wake up call to every human being out there to change their minds about skin color. It is difficult to escape from social media isn’t it?


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