Till 2016 I never kept track of how many books I  should read, what all the books I have finished, what should be my next read etc. I had to travel for almost 4 hours (Back & Forth) in my company cab so the time was enough to enjoy my books.

In 2016 I registered to Goodreads and then started keeping track of the books. Being part of a community is always useful. I can see the book recommendations, share my review, maintain my shelves and most importantly the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

Because of this challenge many people read books. I enrolled in this challenge in 2018 and marked that I will be reading 24 books in a year (Considering 2 books a month).

Meanwhile, I suddenly got the urge of reading the Harry Potter series. Till then I ain’t even watched a single episode of Harry Potter because many people advised me to read books. Books can give better imagination than what they show on Tv (Very true!).

So I read all the 7 books and the saw Hogwarts through Harry’s eyes. Because of this I couldn’t finish my Goodreads reading challenge and ended up reading only 7 books from other authors.

So considering Harry Potter 7 books & other 7 books I have read a total of 14 books! I guess that is not bad. If you are a Harry Potter fan you know how big those books are!.

Or is it bad? I don’t know 

This year again I have marked 24 books and hoping to complete the challenge by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

Out of 7 books, Two were by Dan Brown, ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I have already shared my review about Dan Brown Books hence I’m excluding them in this post.

So here I’m talking about the other 5 books which I read in 2018.


1)  The Name of The Wind


I have some affection for big books with huge pages. Books with less than 400 pages are the last one to attract me. Maybe I expect more from books.

‘The Name of the Wind’ is by Patric Rothfuss and there are 2 books in this series. This 662 pages book will take you through Kvothe’s life from his Childhood to his College life.

Patrick has a lot to tell his readers. He utilizes each and every page to keep you engaged with his detailed narration.


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The storyline is; Kvothe is from a traveling performers family, who often spend their most of their life in Troops. Kvothe’s father who is a musician starts composing a poem about Chandrian tales. Chandrian is an evil who captures the wizards and kills them. Whenever he is around flames will turn blue. Most of the people still don’t believe the existence of Chandrian but some Wizard claims that Chandrian is alive.

One day when the young Kvothe returns to Troop from his play he finds out that his father, mother and all other troopers were killed. He sees the blue flame around the camp. Orphan Kvothe wanders around the slums of Tarbean. He earns his bread by begging & pickpocketing. The cruel Tarbean world treats him very badly and it makes you feel sad by seeing Kvothe’s situation.

Then Kvothe joins wizard University where he wants to learn ‘The name of the Wind’. Chandrian once captured a famous wizard, he was escaped from the evils and fell from a high distance. The wizard knew ‘The name of the Wind’ hence wind picks him from the height and set him on earth safely.

The entire book is filled with Kvothe’s life, his struggle against poverty, rage against Chandrian who killed his family, and the zeal to learn the magic.

This book is definitely a treat for fantasy lovers.


2) Aeroplane Chitte Mattu Itara Kathegalu

(Aeroplane Butterfly and other stories)


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This one is a Kannada book written by K.P.Poornachandra Tejaswi.

Poornachandra Tejaswi’s almost all books are related to nature. Aeroplane butterfly and other stories are a collection of real stories written by Tejaswi, diligently studying the diversity of animal, bird, and insects in nature. He observed these wonderful things in his village and collected them in this book.

When Sushmitha & Ishanya (Tejaswi’s children) ask him about nature, Tejaswi thinks that if he explains them directly about the scientific fact they might lose interest. Hence he mixes life experiences along with scientific facts so that it keeps them interesting.

There are 17 chapters in this book: Tejaswi shared with us about his experiences of seeing camouflage, serpentine, bats, lizard, Malabar trojan, and their behaviors, mysteries, and mysterious powers.

How camouflage protects its egg inside a leaf, Aeroplane butterfly’s egg coming out as a butterfly from a lake, The secret of Batsman’s speed, Frog eating snake, the way lizard grows its tale again and again… You can read and share these interesting facts with your kids. This book is good for all ages and generations.

After reading this book, I started to notice the surrounding plant, bird, and insects. We are human beings. The little ant, the rain fowl, the flies are trivial to us. Each creature has its own specialty in this creation. It is important to have patience, sensitivity, and innate minds to notice.


3) Windmills of the Gods


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My first Sidney Sheldon Book. Windmills of the gods is the story of a woman whose innocence was misused for the political agenda.

Mary Ashely was asked by the US president to be an ambassador of Romania. Mary is a professor at Kansas University & her husband was working as a doctor in a small town Kansas. Mary’s husband Edward was not ready to leave his profession. Hence Mary rejects the President’s offer.

One day suddenly Edward dies in a Car accident. Mary was sad and then she decides to take the offer given by the President. As she enters Romania she will witness many unexpected news and secrets.

Mary handled her position smartly even though it was full of male chauvinist pigs. She knows how to play her card in every situation. However, she makes a mistake. She falls in love with Louis who is a jerk! She trusts him and believes everything he said and that became a downfall for May Ashley.

Later she finds out that her Husband death was not an accident and why the president was behind her to be an ambassador of Romania.

Sheldon had succeeded in making his readers curious throughout the book. Initial pages seem little slow pace but once the story takes its grip you cannot just keep the book down.


4)  The Stories We Tell


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This book tells us about relationships, family, love, hate, and the truth. The stories we tell is the saga of a couple who are in a marital relationship and how things change at a later point of life.

Eve and Cooper Morrison are living their so-called-happy life. Eve runs a letterpress studio and Cooper is into Digital Magazine Business. They have daughter Gwen and Eve’s sister Willa is also living with them. They have everything to lead a happy life, friends, family, business, healthy relationship, loving daughter and wealth.

Though they have differences they never had the second thought about their marriage. Everything is fine until Cooper & Willa met with a Car accident. Willa doesn’t remember anything about the accident and Cooper’s story is not matching the incident.

This makes Eve find out the truth and whether she will discover the truth becomes the ultimate motto of the book.

I liked Patti Callahan’s narration style. She has succeeded in creating a page-turner however characters explained in the book are little flat.

Overall I can rate 3 stars out 5 to this book.


5) Gangavva Gangaamaayi



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Another Kannada book that I read in 2018. This book is written by famous Kannada author Shankar Mokashi Punekar.

In Hindu tradition, old aged people go to Kashi and bring water from the Ganga River. This water will be given to that person while dying so that he can get Moksha (Heaven) once after his death.

In the Novel, Gangavva goes to Kashi but while coming back she throws the water because of the fear of death.

Gangavva is the lead character of this book. She lost her husband at a very young age. Kitty is her only son for whom Gangavva struggled her entire life.

Gangavva, Kitty, Raghappa, Deasaayi are the main characters of this novel.

Once Kitty becomes a grown man he feels that mother’s fondness like a tight scarf and is trying to get rid of it. For Gangavva son is her world, her life, and her everything. Raghappa who tries to benefit of Kitty’s aversion against his mother and makes Kitty listen to his every word.

This novel showcases the lifestyle of people once after Independence and the traditions of a Brahmin family. This was Punekar’s first novel and is one of the classics in those days.