We have been talking a lot about TV shows. Today let’s give a break and see some other factors which help the show to succeed. One such factor is outfits or costumes used in the show.

Some shows use a particular theme for the costumes and good ones will never fail to become a trend. We all have seen how Rachel’s haircut from the Friends show became the talk of the town during the 90s.

Disney and Marvel’s superheroes costumes are kids favorite. People follow movies and TV shows costumes for events like Halloween, Fashion show,ย  Dress for cause and other events.

Hence Fashion designers put their best efforts to introduce new designs.

Let’s see some of the best outfits and costumes from the various TV shows.


The Good Wife


Best outfits from the TV shows


Alicia Florick wore some of the best Ralph Lauren outfits in the show Good Wife. These formal outfits are classy looks for offices and other formal events.

There was also a scene where a Judge asked Alicia what is she wearing and she replies ‘Ralph Lauren’. That is how fans got to know about the secret of Alicia’s good looks.

We also can see different hairstyles of Alicia.


Best outfits from the TV shows


Diane another role from The Good wife was no less. For her age, she rocked the floor. When it comes to fashion Diane name can be put in the first because of her great fashion sense. Her dresses and also accessories are amazing making her look beautiful on the screen.


Best outfits from the TV shows


Kalinda, this poker-faced investigator defined her investigation role through her outfits. Mostly she wore leather jackets and boots. These outfits gave Kalinda rough and tough look.




One of the classic show when it comes to outfits. The Office, Costly suits, Women outfits everything is royal in this show. Suits producer has generously spent money on outfits and we all should appreciate it.

Magen Markle has taken the role of Rachel, Mike Ross’s girlfriend. Throughout the seasons she makes you go awe with her classy outfits. Whenever she is on the screen you just cannot takeout your eyes from her.


Best outfits from the TV shows


Then comes Jessica & Donna. Our perfect Donna looks perfect in every attire. She doesn’t need a costly outfit, her charm is enough to make her beautiful.


Best outfits from the TV shows


Jessica also has worn some of the best dresses. While Rachel has shown us mix and match of skirts and Blouses Jessica can be seen wearing mostly dresses.

When we are talking about Suits how can we miss the MEN wearing suits? Harvey Specter utilized the chance to make his female fans go gaga over him by wearing fine quality suits. Can you believe that his suits were around $10000? Yes, that’s true!



Every man that comes in the show wears Suits and our beloved Harvey judge them based on the quality of the Suits ๐Ÿ˜€


Mrs. Maisel


Ah! Mrs. Maisel outfits and her makeup are the most important factors of this show. Amy succeeded in recreating the charm of the 1950s by using beautiful frocks, winter coats & caps, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles.


Best outfits from the TV shows


Mrs.Maisel stand up comedies are brighten by the beautiful outfits. Her first stage show was in her nighty but in the Season one finale episode, she was all over the screen in her beautiful black dress.


Game of Thrones


Generally, we don’t wear king, queen outfits but during special occasions such as Weddings, Thanksgiving, etc we need royal looking dresses.



Game of Thrones is full of thick winter coats and gloves but during some of the occasions, we have seen classic dresses. Dragon Queen Khalesi is the best outfitter in the entire Game of Thrones. It’s her Charm and glow on the face makes her look stunning in every outfit she wears.


Best outfits from the TV shows


Game of Thrones outfits is best suitable for Halloween. Kids can dress up like Night King,ย Jaime Lannister,ย Khal Drogo and many other characters from the GOT.



Here is me signing off today’s #favouritepost post.

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