We all(Indians) were excited when ABC announced that Priyanka Chopra is casting in their upcoming series Quantico. This made us really proud because for us it was a big thing. Our girl being part of International media is itself sounds like an achievement.

Well, Quantico first season was released in 2015. I watched it when it came to Netflix. Maybe I was expecting more from the series or I have seen too many episodes. I don’t know! Anyways I didn’t like it at all!

Unlike Bollywood movies, Priyanka’s charm didn’t work in this series.  Also, we have seen some of the best movies by Priyanka. Fashion, 7 Khoon Maaf, Kaminey, Dostana, Mary Kom and many other movies. Quantico failed to bring best out of Priyanka and it was very easy to predict the plot.

If we keep Priyanka aside and look around the other factors, Quantico fails again!

Few people claim that Season 2 is better than Season 1 but I stopped watching it after Season 1. I have seen many TV shows till now and Quantico is just not my type.

Let me brief the summary of Quantico;


Alex Parish is a newly joined FBI trainee who joins her training squad along with other trainees. The FBI academy has a series of training activities to prepare these future FBI agents. Every person in that Bureau has their own story which gives the base to next scenes.

After the training, Alex & others are graduated from the FBI Academy and allocated to different locations for work. Terrorist attack Grand Central Terminal, NewYork and Alex was one of the suspects of this bombing. While she tries to prove her innocence with the help of other agents, the story unfolds making everyone looking suspicious.

While we keep guessing who might be the real person behind the attack, Alex succeeds in gathering the evidence. She will use her training effectively and proves as one of the best FBI agents.

The story presented on the screen is in two phases, Past & Present. Present days are Alex’s being suspect of bombing and its associated activities and Past days are the FBI academy training days.

The story looks cool and interesting, right?


But the easy-to-predict story makes you feel bored by the end of Season 1. While mixing Past and Present scenes they have failed horribly. It simply jumps from one scene to other scene making viewers confused about the plot. Thus I was lagged behind for about a second with the story.

The name of the show says Quantico but it highlights only Alex Parish! I know Priyanka is the face of this show but there is an imbalance in using the entire cast. There should have been more weight to Ryan Booth, and Shelby Wyatt’s characters because their potential was decrypted.

Another thing is, the FBI takes so much time to resolve one single case. What is that? Hindi serial? They spent 22 episodes to find ONE terrorist which was the motto of the entire season!

They shouldn’t have bought relationship conflicts in this series. The story is made on Bureau training, Investigation and other FBI activities. It should look like a serious drama with the thrill of FBI vibes. Instead, they made it look like teenager drama with love triangles.

In Quantico FBI and CIA are treated as a joke! Instead of making me respectful about these academies It brings doubts about their work style and intellect.

I can come up with many reasons for why you shouldn’t watch Quantico! Until Season 3 I just didn’t LIKE the show. But after season 3 I started HATING it.

If you are aware there was a controversial scene in Season 3 episode related to India and Pakistan. There is a scene where Alex (Priyanka) discovers a Rudraksha implementing Indian terrorists trying to frame Pakistan in an attack.


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That was not necessary!

First thing, India Pakistan situation is a sensitive matter. You cannot just use it in your fiction to make the plot interesting!! Our soldiers are fighting to keep the peace and avoid hatred so you don’t have any rights to use it in the story.

And the Second thing is about Rudraksha. Why Hindus again? We have seen many Bollywood movies who showcase Hindu temples, Hindu saints, Hindu festivals as hazardous.

Priyanka Chopra who requested to not to burn crackers during Deepawali saying it will create pollution celebrated her wedding with big burst of fireworks. Isn’t that hypocritical?

Of course, she knew about the scene. The director must have explained her the story well before the shooting. Still, she chooses to be silent and made India look like a terrorist in the International media.

That is why I started hating the show Quantico. I don’t recommend it in any of the TV show not just because of this controversy but also for its not-so-good-show factors.



Here is me signing off today’s #favoriteshow post.

Keep watching!