Stephan King is here to warm your hearts with his latest book ‘Elevation’


Stephan King book review


Stephan King is the king of the horror genre. He is one of those authors who can make fictions filled with fantasy, suspense, mysteries, scientific facts, and supernatural powers.

Many of Stephen King’s books have made into Hollywood movies. He has a huge fan following who love to read his books which are definitely great pageturners.

Today we are going to read about his latest novel (novella) Elevation whichΒ was released in 2018. Unlike other King’s books, Elevation is free from horror because the plot talks more about human behavior & civil respect.

Elevation takes place in the small town ‘Castle Rock’. If you have read Stephan King’s books then you will be familiar with this town which comes in his popular books.

Castle Rock is a small town with very less population.Β Scott Carey, divorced by his wife is living in this town for almost 20 years.

His world is very small; his cat, his friend Doctor Bob & his work. Scott earns a good income from his website development work. His life is good other than the divorce and……..

and the mysterious symptoms he is observing from the past few days.


In school, we have learned Physics which taught us weight is directly proportional to Mass. Stephan King has modified this and came up with a story where Weight is not directly proportional to mass!

Scott is observing that from the past few days there is a gradual loss in terms of his weight but from outside he looks all healthy. Before he notices this, he was 200+ pounds with his belly popping out and looking healthy.

The weight was going down day by day and he comes to 150 pounds within days.

Scott is scared of the series of medical tests and the amount of time to be spent in the hospital. He doubts whether such thing exists in medical history. Hence decides not to visit the hospital.

Scott shares about this with his friend Bob who is a retired doctor. Even for Bob, this doesn’t seem right and he hasn’t read any such behavior in his medical profession.

Another important thing is, Scott weighs the same with and without clothes.


Are you getting the point?


Scott seems like a weight nullifying machine. Whatever he hold in hand and stand on weighing machine his weight shows the same number.

This makes Scott thinks about his health. Based on the average weight loss per day, Scott marks his black day on the calendar. The day when his weight would literally go to ZERO!.

Parallely there are other things happening in Castle Rock. Two married lesbians shift to Castle Rock in order to open their restaurant.

Conservative minds of this small town people won’t support them! Hardly anybody goes to their restaurant to have lunch or dinner. This is making the women worry and they are about to close their restaurant.

How they are related to Scott?


Those lesbians are Scott’s neighbors whose dog always poops on Scott’s lawn. Scott rings their doorbell just to complain about their dogs but finds out that they are facing a lot of troubles in this town.

Scott knows that he has very few days and he wants to make something good before he goes.

He tries to make peace with the ladies but one of them is very fierce. She never accepts Scott’s help. While the whole town is being silent about these struggling ladies, Scott who is going to die in few days wants to make them belonged to this town.

What actually Scott does will touch your heart. He is a true gentleman!

Will Scott really achieve Zero weight? I don’t want to answer. You should read the book to find out πŸ™‚


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My opinion about Elevation


Though the story of the elevation looks baseless considering scientific facts but the way King presented this novella is very appealing. Most of the times we know that something is not right but still we choose to remain silent.

We don’t want to help because nobody is helping them. Even though we sympathize for them we want to be safe.

This is happening in today’s society. Stephan King has intelligently highlighted this fact in the book Elevation and shows us how we should behave in such circumstances.

Elevation is a very small book with not more than 150 pages. You can read it while traveling or while commuting work.

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  1. Lellalee says:

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read a single Stephen King novel! This book sounds absolutely amazing and is now added to my to read list – thank you for sharing xxx

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      That happens because there is so much to read in this world πŸ™‚

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      I know πŸ˜€

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    Ohh, I need to check the novel. Thanks for your review πŸ™‚

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    Oh you gave an amazing trailer now I want to read it.. what did Scott do for the couple and did his weight really got Zero!!

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      He makes everything better! and yes he achieves zero weight. *spoiler alert*

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