Sugar is not sweet anymore. There is a saying “Nectar also becomes poisonous if consumed extremely”. Day by day Sugar is damaging the health of thousands of people. This post is especially for people with a sweet tooth because here we are talking about the side effects of Sugar.

Yes, I can understand your feelings. Your desire to eat sweet stuff is natural. I know that you are a dessert lover. But today I’m here to give you a bit of ADVICE!

You might have heard about Diabetes. Ah! Who hasn’t heard of this? Sounds VERY familiar right?

Diabetes is the main concern of this post. Consuming sugar leads to many health problems and one of them is Diabetes. Today millions of people are suffering from either Type-1 or Type -2 Diabetes.

Now don’t stop reading further just because you don’t have diabetes. There are many red alerts that I’m going to highlight here.

Why Is Sugar Bad for health?


“Sugar is toxic.” Dr. Robert Lustig, a famous researcher & author at the University of California, San Francisco, has published a paper about Sugar toxicity after in-depth research.

Do you know that Sugar makes you addictive? yes, just similar to Cocaine.

There are no proteins in Sugar. It is rich in carbohydrates which makes Sugar not-recommended for people who are on a diet. Your body glucose level increases after the consumption of sugar which eventually leads to Insulin Resistance.

Let me brief you about Insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone produced by Pancreas which absorbs excess sugar produced in the body. This balances the blood sugar level. If sugar consumption is way too high, Pancreas will fail to produce enough Insulin which is called Insulin Resistance. Insulin resistance makes individual prediabetic and if the proper care is not taken it leads to Type 2 Diabetes.



Though there are ways to control Diabetes, it is not good for the body in the long run.

Not only Diabetes, but the high consumption of Sugar may cause Heart problems, Kidney diseases, Dental problems, Obesity, reduce natural immunity power and other severe health conditions.

What happens if I eat way too much Sugar?

Sugar is like a slow poison. Symptoms or problems are not immediate. Your body will manage till the last minute. Once it gets complicated then it is difficult to come back.

The affected body may give up completely. Hence it is very important to keep an eye on your food. It is very important to be aware of ‘how-much-to eat’, ‘What-to-eat’ & ‘When-to-eat’.


Side Effects of Sugar Consumption


Diabetes: The first risk of high sugar consumption is Diabetes, which slowly leads to all other problems. There is no cure for Diabetes. Once it comes then it is a lifelong hassle. Hence diabetes is the answer to the question ‘Why you should quit Sugar?’.

Heart problems: High sugar level stresses the heart muscle. A constant increase in blood sugar will increase the risk of a heart attack. That means people who are not diabetic also come under the shadow of risk.

Insulin Resistance: As already said, Insulin Resistance leads to diabetes. If insulin production in the body is stopped completely, one may have to take external insulin on a regular basis.

Obesity:  Since Sugar is a rich carbohydrate, high consumption of sugar results in increased weight. Fat gets accumulated in the body causing obesity.

Affects the functionality of Kidneys: High sugar in the blood increases the uric acid levels. As a result, kidneys may stop working which makes one depend on Dialysis.

Liver Damage: Whenever there is blood sugar level rise, the body produces insulin hormone. This signals the liver to absorb the extra glucose and store it in the form of Glycogen. Similarly, when there is a decrease in blood sugar level, the liver releases glycogen back to the body & maintains sugar level. In people who are diabetic or have insulin Resistance, the Liver doesn’t recognize insulin production and releases more glucose. This increases the blood sugar level in diabetic people even though they are fasting. This may lead to Liver disease over time.

Dental Problems: Have you experienced that tingle in teeth whenever you eat any food that is heavily sweet? High consumption of sugar leads to cavity and tooth erosion.




Avoid these foods


You know how many spoons of sugar you are using in your tea/coffee. Donuts are full of sugar and hence you avoid them. You have learned to say no to desserts and other sweet puddings. But still, you are consuming sugar every day.


What you don’t know is the amount of sugar in food that we are consuming every day. For example, take sodas; we naturally assume that sodas are free from sugar or have less sugar content. Next time while drinking soda just check the ‘Nutrition facts’. 12 ounce of a bottle (Any regular soft drink) contains 39g of sugar!

Not just the sodas, Natural food such as dried cranberry or Dates contain added Sugar. Shocking right? You might have never imagined that these packages may contain sugar. Hence instead of eating packaged food make a habit of eating fresh fruits. That is way more healthy.

From now on develope the habit of checking ‘Nutrition facts’ on every processed food. I’m listing down a few foods that are not good when you are trying to quit sugar.

Sugar consumption: Stop adding sugar to tea, coffee or to any other food. The first step in sugar-free-diet is to stop direct sugar consumption.

Soft drinks: Even though you choose diet drinks, they are not good for health. Instead of soft drinks, add fruits (strawberry, cucumber slices, grapes etc) in a freshwater bottle and keep drinking it for the whole day.

Deserts: Icecreams, Puddings, cakes, cookies, Pastries, chocolates, Granola bars are full of sugar. If you skip them completely then you are reducing your sugar consumption by a high percentage.

Coffee & Tea: Lattes and iced tea should be avoided. Drinking more coffee is also not good for health. If you are addicted to coffee try reducing the consumption slowly. Instead of coffee or tea, mix ACV in water and drink for better health.

Ketchup, sauces & Dressings: Tomato ketchup, sauces like BBQ sauce & Spaghetti sauce, Salad dresser with high sugar content are excluded from the sugar-free-diet.

Avoid Alcohol: Beer has high sugar content. It is good to avoid alcohol when you are quitting sugar.

Processed foods: Pizza, Bagel, Burgers, Samosas, canned food, frozen food are the must things to avoid. All these can rapidly increase sugar content in the body.

Say NO to Sugar Alcohols: There are some sweeteners(such as Stevia) available in the market with the label Sugar-free. But using such sweeteners is not good for health. They come with their own side effects.



How to Quit Sugar?



It is not easy! However, if you make your mind nothing is impossible. Having bad health will cost you physically and financially. All the lifetime earned money will be gone for the treatment in case of severe health conditions.

It is difficult to walk away from Donuts. It is difficult to say no to deserts while everyone else is enjoying it.

If you are feeling it is impossible then don’t cut down sugar in a single shot. Start reducing the sugar consumption slowly which prepares you day by day.

Add more protein to meals: You are quitting sugar! Nothing else can replace the taste of sugar! Hence make your meal more interesting by adding proteins. Love your food, try different varieties.

Stay away from sugary foods: It is time to break up! First of all, don’t shop for any sugary products. You cannot say others not to eat sugar. Don’t be that selfish. Instead of that, you stay away from sugary foods.

Distract yourself: Just ignore cravings! Distract yourself by involving yourself in something else. Go for a walk with your pet, read books, paint, lawn or something that really interests you.

Eat fruits: Right now don’t worry about fructose! Eat lots of fruits as compensation to sugar.

Cook your own meals: You never know what happens behind the screen. If you cook by yourself you will be aware of the ingredients. thus you can also include more proteins in your meals.

Drink more water: Now you have stopped drinking soft drinks and readily available fruit juices, the body needs hydration. Drink lots of water. Add fruits, ACV, lemon, and salt to the water if you cannot drink just water.

Follow a regular diet: Skipping breakfast or meals will make your body crave for more food. This may cause an increase in blood sugar levels. To avoid follow your diet regularly.

Sugar Alternatives: You can use alternatives such as Honey and Joggery to replace sugar.


Start your sugar withdrawal from today itself! This will promisingly improve your health, keeps blood sugar level on the track hence make you more active in life by improving overall health.