A fridge is one of the basic kitchen amenities. The most used, highly dependent electronic gadget in our daily life. Have you thought about the ideal temperature setting for your fridge? what is the electricity usage? Or about the easy and quick ways to clean? No? Then it is time to give some time for your fridge. If you have already come across these questions but still looking for an answer then this post if for you.

  1. Ideal temperature: We often ignore the refrigerator temperature but this is one of the very significant fact to keep food fresh and healthy.  Always set refrigerator temperature to 38° or lesser. Maximum temperature cannot be beyond 40° because bacteria grow rapidly between 40 to 140 degrees. Temperature setting for Freezer should be 0°.
  2. Saving electricity:  You are working hard hence every penny matters. Be smart and save the electricity. We don’t need ice every day right… Hence turn it off whenever not required. Letting ice build up forces your fridge to more energy.
  3. Storage: Don’t feed the fridge with too much food. If there is no air circulation between food items or the storage is too tight then food will not remain fresh and it starts spoiling. Hence allow sufficient space between food so that enough air can circulate. Store cooked food in airtight containers.
  4. Cleaning: If the fridge is not cleaned regularly dust particles & food residues start accumulating. Cleaning refrigerator is very very important in order to save the energy. Remove dust from condenser coils every few months, this improves air circulation and efficiency.
  5. Maintaining constant temperature: Improper door closing causes fridge to use more and more energy to cool down because once the door opens inside temperature will vary with the outside. Vacuum and wipe all door seals for a trapped crumb and other food bits which cause refrigerator temperature to fluctuate and causing food to spoil.
  6. Replace: Cracked and damaged fridge seals can increase the energy bill. If the refrigerator is damaged this way then it is better to replace it with a new one. While buying a used fridge remember to check the temperature setting and cracked doors if any. Don’t keep it open for a long time.
  7. Maintaining fresh food: Food will remain fresh if there is circulation of cool air. Sometimes while taking the items out we keep fridge door open for a very long time which causes the food to spoil. Keep pitchers of water or ice cubes to prevent warm air from heating items when you open the door.
  8. Fitting: Leave several inches of space between wall and fridge because heat gets trapped and causes the refrigerator to work harder.