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February is the month for the celebration of LOVE. Love is a special bonding, a sacred relationship and is the living embodiment of the saying ‘Two bodies, one soul’.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage – Lao Tzu

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Finding true love is difficult. Most of the great love stories don’t have a happy ending. Very few are lucky to be with their love for the lifetime.  Cherishing what you have and preserving it for the lifetime matters the most.

Most of the times we forget this fact and get busy in our own world. We forget to say thanks & sorry, take everything for granted, that’s where the freshness of Love will start fading away.

Few people say that everyday is Valentines Day. I’m happy for them! They are finding time in their busy schedule for the love of their life.

But there are few other people who wait for Valentines Day to make their loved one feel special. They make them happy with the surprise gifts thus convey that their love is still fresh.

Recently I came through this website which converts your Photo into Painting.  

Charcoal Sketch of a girl

Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Many things in life will come and go, in fact, many people may come and go but the golden moments with our near and dear ones will be in our hearts forever.

No one can take that away from you! The biggest gift that you can give anyone is to shower them with your unfailing and unconditional love.

Make your better half realize how much they actually mean to you by gifting them a special custom handmade portrait painting of some memorable moment or time that both of you spent together.


Why Painting is a special gift?


Art, especially painting has been a great way to portray several complex emotions throughout the ages, especially those of romance. Painting as an art form is visually appealing due to its captivating nature which makes it even better as a gift.

A portrait painting is a great gift because not only does it have extrinsic beauty but it also provides intrinsic satisfaction.

Valentine’s Day is close at hand and this is the perfect occasion for you to rekindle that spark of romance. You can do this by getting him/her something that is customized and personal. A memory of your first date, your first kiss or the first instance when you knew that he/she was the one for you.

Your partner makes you whole and living without him/her is simply unimaginable. Give them a special reminder of this fact by getting a special portrait painting done.


All kind of personalized paintings are available


Girl watercolor painting


This is the Watercolor painting of a girl. As you can see, the photo is converted into an amazing painting. Personalized painting makes them feel special and is close to heart than any other gifts.

PortraitFlip provides Pencil sketch, Charcol Drawing, Acrylic painting and many other options to choose from.

All you have to do is visit their Official Website, Choose the Painting/Sketch, upload photo, select size, finishing option & shipping, provide any special instruction to the painter and click on order! That’s it!

A beautiful painting will arrive at your doorstep.


Make your Valentine feel special 


Since Valentine’s day is almost here, you are searching for the Gift Ideas to express your love and affection.

Why not Painting this time?

It is a really unique gifting option and showcases the amount of thought that you have actually put into this gift. A small token of appreciation for everything that they have done in your life. 

Couple Oil Painting


Let them know about your unfailing affection towards them.

True colors of life colorfully displayed on Canvas will have a special effect on your partner. He/she is sure to be astonished when they receive this beautiful portrait painting of them or a precious moment that you both have shared together. 

If you are lucky enough to find true love please hold it dear to you and never let it go