Traveling for the first time in Domestic flights?? Here are simple instructions.

  • Get a small handy side bag to keep your passport, tickets, boarding passes etc. Don’t keep anything else in this bag!
  • In some airports, securities will check ticket in the entrance. So be ready to show yours.
  • Once you enter, go to the respective airlines. There will be display for each airline or you can ask any security guarding inside the terminal.
  • You have to show the ticket to airline members to get a boarding pass and check-in your bag.  Always check the weight before leaving home or else you have to pay extra bucks to the extra kilos! Read this post Keep these things in mind when you are traveling via flight for more detailed post on luggage packing and other notes.
  • Collect boarding pass, confirm the gate number, collect baggage tags for your carry-on bag, laptop bag, handbag etc.  Put the tag right away to your baggage.  Now you can proceed for security check.
  • Once you reach security, keep all your belongings in the provided trays.  Keep laptop bag in a separate tray. Belt, watch, shoes (Let the socks be), Keys, Phone, Wallet everything has to be in the tray. These trays will go through a security scan. Meanwhile, you also have to be scanned through the machine, also will be manual check done by the securities.  If there are any metallic items like scissors, blades, Manicure set, Nail cutter etc then they will hold your bag for the further check.  These items are not allowed and have to be thrown right away!  Securities will seal the tag which is already tied on your bags as a confirmation of successful security check. This ends your security check.
  • Wear belt, shoes and get settled to proceed to the respective gate which will be provided in your boarding pass.
  • Some airports provide buses to reach gates. Gates always open just before 30 minutes of flight departure. If you are early to gates just wait with other passengers.  At the right time, flight crew will start calling the passengers. Firstly business class then economy class will be called.  Show your pass to them which will be scanned to ensure your presence. Once I skipped this (Somehow) then when I was in my seat I got a call from them asking where am I, whether I’m coming or not!
  • Now just follow the way to get into the flight.

You did it!! Happy Journey!!

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