‘Vice Principals’ Humorous Comedy TV show

Vice Principals on HBO


Danny McBride is known for his comedy and witty dialogues. This American comedy actor and director made his name through the series Eastbound & Down.

Eastbound & Down is a comedy TV show available on HBO. This show is the story of a sportsman who joins a middle school as a PT (Physical trainer) teacher after the downfall of his sports career.

Danny McBride is that teacher given his best in the name of Kenny Powers. Though he belongs nowhere, the attitude and arrogance haven’t left him.

After the Eastbound & Down fame, Danny McBride returned with another show filled with fun. The show ‘Vice Principals’ is laugh burster and you will never regret watching it.

Gamby (Danny McBride) is the Vice Principal and Lee Russell( Walton Goggins) is the co-vice principal of North Jackson High School. They both are dreaming to be the principal of the high school.


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But current principal trust none of them and choose someone else to be the Principal of the school once after his retirement. Gamby & Russell still remain the vice principals.

This pisses of them and they become one team in order to bring down the new principal Dr. Belinda Brown. Though they hate each other all the time, this battle brings them together.

They both are mean to each other and their weird acts will make you laugh out loud. They turn the whole school against Dr.Brown.

Compared to Russell I liked Gamby more because of his witty dialogues and body language. He looks old compared to Eastbound & Down but his comedy will never get old.



Along with comedy plus point, Vice Principals has some weak points too. The family emotions they have tried stuff in between the story is little over dramatic and feels so unreal.

Also, humor is not welcoming by everyone because it belongs to the dark humor type. To enjoy the comedy you need to have a bad taste 😀 Otherwise you may end up hating it.

The show is full of funny dialogues and witty acts. Having 2 main characters in the show increased its weight and director is smartly written the act for the,

If you are looking for something light and want to laugh your heart out then go watch Vice Principals show.



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Keep watching!


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    I watched the video. Except for the excessive profanity in language this definitely sound like a good watch.

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  5. I think I have watched a few episodes when it used to be telecast in India. I don’t know if it is still shown. I had enjoyed the show, though I would not say I loved it.

  6. Will surely get back to these reviews in May 🙂

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