Zombies Parade| The Walking Dead gives you heebie Jeebies

Walking dead on Netflix


Today is the last day of #AtoZChallenge and I’m here to give you goosebumps! If you are a Netflix geek you might have already guessed the show which I’m going to talk now!

Yesterday itself we have watched the third episode of Game Of Thrones finale season and seen some scary walking dead! What is dead may never die.

Zombies are the common subject of most of the English horror movies. The way dead bodies start getting up with blue eyes, no flesh in the body scares the hell out of people.

Walking Dead is one such series available on Netflix showing us the zombies parade. In this show, there are fewer people and more zombies!

This show is based on the comic books series written by three authors  Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It is one of the best horror comics ever written in the history of the comics.

While making the show they have tried not to be much dependent on comics. Hence people who have read the book may not like all episodes because they seem prolonged.


Story is;


The first episode of the first season starts with Police Officer Rick (Andrew Lincoln) getting up from a coma. When he comes out of the hospital he will come to know that the world is overrun by Zombies.


When he comes home his wife and son will not be there. The whole town was full of Zombies attacking humans and killing them. Escaping from them Rick goes in search of his wife and kid.

After a certain amount of travel, he finds his family, best friend Shane and other survivors living away from Zombies. They are living hidden in order to survive.

This group starts living in the woods. They go to town in search of food, medicines and other basic amenities for daily life. They have to search the stores for grocery and escape from the walkers.

It was difficult but this group fights till the last breath. Living amidst zombies they don’t want to give up on their hope.


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Life is full of hopes


That is what the creators of the show are trying to convey. The way Rick and team survive in the rotting world, finds ways to fight zombies, create their own human world, develop bonding within a group, emotions, love, and everything will give you hopes.

They have lost their family but found a new one!

I liked the season where they start living in Jail. It was full of zombies but they cleared it and made it as their home. When life challenges you, you have to challenge back!

They even start growing vegetables in jail yard and it was nice to see them happily living together.


It starts getting bored


Yes! The first season was very short with 6 episodes but from the second season, they increased the number of episodes. Thus there are total 9 seasons available on Netflix with 16 episodes each. Hence be prepared to watch a lot of blood & the sea of Zombies.

We can watch up to 5 season max! After that, the story feels dragged with the same content. It feels like never ending! No matter what, zombies keep coming spoiling humans setup.

The irony is people who have dead become zombies! Imagine people from their own group who couldn’t survive come back to attack them as zombies. Hence it’s like a vicious circle of zombies.



Walking dead on Netflix


I felt it would have been best if they have made a mini-series instead of a long one. Thus it would have been more interesting.


Don’t miss this series


Why I’m saying is, few people avoid this show just because of the zombies. But the show is well made, giving the real feel of zombies and hence it is one of the good show on Netflix.

If you like watching horror shows then this one is for you! Walking dead will literally scare you!



Here is me signing off last post of #favoriteshow series.

Keep watching!

53 thoughts on “Zombies Parade| The Walking Dead gives you heebie Jeebies

  1. Oh yesss i lovee this onee

  2. I need to tell you that this morning I hit my Netflix subscription sorted out. The Amazon prime one is already in place. So I’m sure that you know how much your posts have influenced me and what May is going to look like for me. Your posts have really redefined entertainment and I have personally loved all of them.

    1. Hackytips says:

      I’m glad you find them useful Sonia. Now I should ask Netflix & Amazon to pay me for bringing them customers 😀

  3. I’m not a big horror fan, so I’ll skip this one. However, I really enjoyed reading your pick of TV shows. I have a long list of your recommendations to catch up on!
    Congratulations on completing the challenge, and I’ll be back to read more of your work.

  4. Shubhra Rastogi says:

    Again I have not seen this one. But I really enjoyed the exhaustive coverage you presented over the month. So much to look forward to.

  5. Amazing, although I am not fan of horror series but zombies look a little less scarier than ghosts.

  6. Now that this is the last post, how am I going to watch my TV with expert analysis. I shall also not know of many variants of the same show. I guess I have to wait for another year to hear more about popular TV. Till then, good luck and good bye.

  7. Haven’t watched this show but always been a fan of the Zombie genre. It is something that eludes Indian writing. Great post. It was nice to come across your blog through the Xplore Bharat train and now this challenge. Congratulations for completing the challenge. All the best for future stuff. Enjoy!
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  8. aditi says:

    Creepy! I never wanted to watch the show because it has Zombie connection😳
    Congratulations on the completion of AtoZ series Sanjota and good luck for future endeavours:)

  9. everdaylivinghacks says:

    I used to love this show but lately it dropped the ball for me. It seriously has disappointed me in so many ways that I don’t get excited about it anymore. I do love Zombies though!!! Great article

    1. Hackytips says:

      Season 1 & 2 are good. then it starts getting bored.

  10. Jasmine M. says:

    I literally haven’t watched TWD since season 5, like you said, because it starts dragging after that! I kinda want to finish it, but I don’t know. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hackytips says:

      It’s difficult(impossible) to finish :p

  11. Tried to get into this show but just couldn’t…

    1. Hackytips says:

      Happens 😀

  12. This sounds like a lot of suspense and action. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Hackytips says:

      You are welcome

  13. i used to love the walking dead but the show is running for too long and the story line is still that same.

    1. Hackytips says:

      yes yes 🙂

  14. I absolutely Love both shows. Curious what you’ll think of the GOT finale

    1. Hackytips says:

      To be frank I didn’t like it much. I felt true heroes didn’t get justice.

  15. Sophie says:

    Your reviews are so detailed and informative. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hackytips says:

      Glad to hear 🙂 Thanks.

  16. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    I loved this show before until it got lame and repetitive.

    1. Hackytips says:

      This is general opinion 😀

  17. Elizabeth O says:

    Definitely a movie to look forward to. Best to enjoy with friends and family.

    1. Hackytips says:

      Yup 🙂

  18. mavis143 says:

    LOVE the walking dead, definitely one of my favorite shows! Thanks for sharing ☺️

    1. Hackytips says:

      You are welcome 🙂

  19. enjoyed my read & learnt a lot more about this movie. Thanks for sharing this! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Hackytips says:

      It’s not a movie. TV show on Netflix 🙂

      1. Ohh…That’s cool, gonna check this out 😀

        1. Hackytips says:

          Go on!

  20. jessmaca says:

    Not a fan of horror shows, but my sister loves Walking Dead!

    1. Hackytips says:


  21. Alexa Pilo says:

    Zombie stories are good when they highlight human emotions and give value to our way of being. Love and compassion excel in moments of survival. Great post, super detailed

    1. Hackytips says:


  22. You, Me and Benny says:

    OMG I bet this is AWESOME!!! I love TWD!!!

    1. Hackytips says:


  23. Blair villanueva says:

    I haven’t watched this show but i think it would be fun to watch this with friends whom I know loves this show.

    1. Hackytips says:


  24. Thuy says:

    I used to watch TWD but stopped when they killed off my favorite character. I like how in zombie movies and shows sometimes you see that the real monsters can be very human.

    1. Hackytips says:

      Very true!

  25. Ukiyoto says:

    Love reading your posts more so the comments underneath.. Is really a good freshener after a hard day.. 🙂

    1. Hackytips says:

      Happy to hear that! 🙂

  26. I’ve never been able to watch this show, not a fan of the gore! But sounds awesome 🙂

    1. Hackytips says:


  27. Not my kind of show but your descriptions are always awesome!

    1. Hackytips says:

      Thank you.

  28. samanthaherjournal says:

    I tried getting into this show a couple of times and never was able to become fully invested in the story line. However, my husband really enjoyed it! Interesting how we can have such opposite views.

    1. Hackytips says:

      That’s true 😀 Opposite poles attract each other.

  29. Sarah Meh says:

    I am not much fan of horror movies but my brother will definitely like it. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hackytips says:

      You are welcome.

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