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About Me

Hi, I’m Sanjota Purohit, from India currently staying in the United States. Author of Kannada novel Sanjeevini and writes Kannada articles on my personal blog Sanjota Purohit.


What is Hackytips?

I started Hackytips to write about my travel experiences, beauty products & gadgets reviews, food, health, book reviews, and many other things. You can also see some useful tips and hacks on this website.

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Married to Samarth with whom I was in a long distance relationship for a total of 7 years! We both love to travel and he is the perfect companion.

I guess that is all I wanted to say about me!

My social links are already shared on the homepage, you can directly contact me at any time!

Hope you might like Hackytips!

Yeah, that’s all I can hope for. This is my sincere effort to express my ideas. I’m always open to suggestions, opinions, improvements which helps me to make my blog more user-friendly.

Let me know your opinion.

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With love,
Sanjota Purohit