Instant Pot Recipes: Stuffed Eggplant/Brinjal curry

  We Indians have great taste when it comes to cooking. Every region of India has a variety of vegetables, curries, spices, cooking styles thus making it paradise to foodies. Stuffed Eggplant/Brinjal curry is one of the delicious curry widely prepared in almost every state of India. Though it has… Read more“Instant Pot Recipes: Stuffed Eggplant/Brinjal curry”

Quick and yummy Bitter gourd curry/ Haagalakaayi Gojju recipe

Most of the people don’t like Bitter gourd because¬†of it’s bittery nature. I was one of them until I found out the benefits of bitter gourd and recipe to hide its bitterness. I’m from Karnataka where Bitter gourd is called as Haagalakaayi. We people make Gojju out of everything. We… Read more“Quick and yummy Bitter gourd curry/ Haagalakaayi Gojju recipe”

Think before throwing away Watermelon Rind

Watermelon is the favorite fruit of summertime. This party-perfect fruit has a number of health benefits. First and most important is, it helps with digestion and dehydration. As most of us are well aware with the fact that drinking liters of water in summer keep us well hydrated. However busy… Read more“Think before throwing away Watermelon Rind”

How to check ripen fruits? Important grocery hack you should know

Definitely, until my mom told me about these tips I was not good in selecting fruits. It was the most difficult task for me to buy completely ripen fruits. Sometimes they were ‘over-ripen’, tasteless and sometimes they were ‘yet to ripe’ and sour. I’m so glad that I came to… Read more“How to check ripen fruits? Important grocery hack you should know”

8 Efficiency hacks for your fridge

A fridge is one of the basic kitchen amenities. The most used, highly dependent electronic gadget in our daily life. Have you thought about the ideal temperature setting for your fridge? what is the electricity usage? Or about the easy and quick ways to clean? No? Then it is time… Read more“8 Efficiency hacks for your fridge”