Wedding is THE most important day in everyone’s life. Every bride and groom wants to look perfect in their wedding (who doesn’t, right?) because it is YOUR day!

No one likes pimple, dullness, tiredness, tanning, rashes on their skin on the wedding day! But to get a picture-perfect-skin on the wedding day is not an overnight task! The skin needs to be nourished well in advance which usually takes months of time. Hence you need to follow the bridal regimen from well before 3-4 months to the wedding.

Though these tips can be tried a day before the wedding but remember results are not instant! They take some time to reflect hence if you are planning to get married in coming months then start them RIGHT NOW!

A wedding consists of lots of planning, shopping, inviting guests, arrangement, decoration and many other preparations. Even though your parents or family or friends are taking care of everything, tension & stress itself makes you tired.

Every day give your 10 minutes to prep skin for the wedding. No matter how tired you are don’t forget or neglect your routine.

Many people provide a list of bridal tips but grooms hardly get any advice or suggestions! How unfair! That’s why in this post we have collected the tips that suits for both brides and grooms. Cool isn’t it?

Let’s dive deep into Wedding Day Beauty Tips for Brides and Grooms.

1) Exercise


beauty tips for bride and groom


No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to exercise. This is the time where you ignore your diet and food habits may change because of lots of roaming around.

Once the diet is changed metabolism loses the track and adversely affect weight gain. This is not good in the long term and especially not at all good for the wedding.

Hence every day keep 15 minutes of your time for exercise. If you visit the gym regularly well and good otherwise practice some Yoga at home.


2) Healthy Diet



We just now saw how diet affects our system and causes weight gain. A wedding needs a lot of work, planning, inviting, shopping, decorating and many other things.

Amidst these, our daily routine will be altered and thus the food intake. Sometimes we may skip the meal due to heavy work or overeat while shopping, or eat more junk food…

It is difficult to follow a healthy diet but keep in mind that our diet directly affects health, weight, skin, and hair. Once these things start worsening then it is difficult to bring them back to normal.

Hence instead of worrying about a number of things just keep an eye on your plate. Simple!


3) Manicure & Pedicure



Once the wedding date is finalized hit the parlors for manicure and pedicure.

Most of the people don’t take care of their nails, hands, and feet. If there is no exfoliation of dead skin cells, the skin starts peeling and then turns dull.

Regular manicure and pedicure brighten the nails and surrounding skin. Thus you can flaunt your nails with beautiful nail art or Mehandi during the wedding.

Beautiful hands & feet are required especially during the wedding photography.


4) Skincare routine


beauty tips for bride and groom


Do you have a daily skincare routine? Then well and good!

Regular exfoliation, daily moisturization helps the skin shed dead skin cells and keeps moisturizes. Skin pores should be cleaned at least once in a week to remove pollution and dust. Use face serums to exfoliate your skin, remove excess oil, improve the tone and thus overall skin care benefits.

Just like exercise don’t forget the skincare routine. Before going to bed remove makeup, wash your face thoroughly, and apply night cream. Make sure you are not doing any skincare mistakes which may damage the skin.


5) Sleep well


beauty tips for bride and groom


Lack of sleep results in dark circles, dull and unhealthy skin. Skipping sleep is not good for overall health.

Make sure you sleep a minimum of 8 hrs a day. Sleep relaxes the body and mind thus preparing you for the big day. Most of the brides and grooms skip sleep on 2-3 days prior to the wedding.

This spoils all your efforts taken so far on skincare, spas and parlor visits. Having enough sleep makes you look fresh.


6) Drink Water



Drink lots and lots of water! Since summer is the best season to have weddings, many people prefer having a wedding on a nice summer day. Also, it is necessary for your skin to breathe. In order to maintain body moisturization because of cold weather or hormonal changes or any other reason using a humidifier is recommended.

Always keep a bottle full of water whenever you are going on shopping. Dehydration can cause lots of health problems.

Install drinking water reminder apps if you cannot remind yourself. For better results add fruits (cucumber, strawberry, grapes, etc) into the water bottle.


7) Teeth Whitening


beauty tips for bride and groom


Most of the people forget this point and regret later after seeing their wedding photos. Don’t be the one!

There are natural ways of teeth whitening which usually takes time to show results. If you have time then use Baking soda for the teeth whitening.

People who don’t have patience or time go for teeth whitening treatment. Don’t end up with too bright teeth, before going for the treatment make sure it matches your skin tone.


8) Haircare


hair care for wedding day beauty tips


Along with skin, it’s necessary to take care of your hair. A good hair can turn any bad day into a productive day.

Decide the length of your hair for the wedding. Make sure this length matches with the attire and hairstyle. You can consult a makeup expert well in advance for suggestions.

Long hair needs time for grooming hence decide fast. Wash your hair twice in a week, don’t try any new hair product when the wedding is near, check for split ends and get rid of them.

Every week massage your scalp with hot oil, leave it for 2 hours or overnight and then wash thoroughly.


9) Regular Facials


beauty tips for bride and groom


Taking care of skin well in advance is called skin preparation. Regular facials help the skin rejoice and your skin becomes clear and glowing after the regular routine.

If you don’t have time for parlor then use homemade fruit packs. Since there are no side effects, you can use them without the fear of getting rashes or pimple. These can be used once in a week for better results.

There are various facials available in parlors; chocolate facial, honey facial, gold facial… These are quick in results and facial once in a month can provide expected results.

There are facials available for men as well! Facials help to unclog pores, remove black and whiteheads.


10) Eye care


beauty tips for bride and groom



Having a dark circle on the wedding day doesn’t look good right? Though they can be covered with the help of makeup but having natural eyes is entirely different than makeup. Also, you don’t need to hide your face during no-makeup times.

Lack of sleep is the main reason to get dark circles. Dark circles are difficult to get rid of hence make sure you won’t get one.

Use your facial time for eye care. Keep cucumber slices on eyelids and relax for a while.


11) Avoid Alcohol and Smoking


quit alcohol and smoking for your wedding


If you want to look healthy and glowing on your wedding day then avoid Alcohol and smoking.

As everyone knows smoking and Alcohol are the reasons for various health issues. Yet people refuse to leave the addiction even it costs their health.

It’s always good to leave them completely however if you need time then at least reduce the consumption. Slowly get rid of them for better health.


12)  Makeup Trial


beauty tips for bride and groom


Makeup trials help you to prepare for the wedding day. Sometimes the lipstick may look odd or the jewelry might not match with the attire hence before the wedding check everything a few times.

Make sure the makeup goes along with your skin tone without making it look odd. Have a detailed discussion with your makeup artist. If you have a particular look in mind then explain them neatly.

Most of the times they know better than you hence listen to their suggestions.



13) Don’t try anything New


beauty tips for bride and groom


What happens with most of the people is they get excited about the wedding and try something new in their style just before the wedding. This may turn out as the best decision but if it goes wrong it cannot be reversed.

Hence don’t try anything new before the wedding. May it hairstyle or coloring your hair, tattoos, cosmetics or anything that can change your look.

Use artificial products to see the perfect look and then go for a permanent one. For example, if you want to chop your hair, use a similar wig and then take decision based on your satisfaction.


14) Last 2 days are important


beauty tips for bride and groom


Last 2 days of your wedding are very important. During this time sleep well and eat well. Don’t get overthink which may lead to stress and anxiety.

Say NO to new cosmetics which you are not sure about the side effects. Don’t skip your basic skincare routine.

Keep everything organized so that you will get the things on time.


15)  Hair Removal


beauty tips for bride and groom


Last but not least, hair removal is one of the main things you need to take care of before the wedding.

Women mostly opt for waxing for hair removal. If you have never done waxing then this is the time!

However, do take care of your skin because waxing may cause rashes and skin redness. If you have the practice of removing your hair at home then well and good!