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Addictive Xbox game: Rocket League

  If you are an Xbox fan then you must have heard about the Rocket league. My Xbox journey started with Rocket League and so far it’s my favorite game. We had Xbox from a long time but only my husband used to play (FIFA!) with it. Once after started …


Outfits and Costumes that rocked the TV shows

  We have been talking a lot about TV shows. Today let’s give a break and see some other factors which help the show to succeed. One such factor is outfits or costumes used in the show. Some shows use a particular theme for the costumes and good ones will …


An evening coffee date with the Boss!

It is 7.00 PM. Anisha unlocked the room door, threw her handbag and collapsed on her cot. The empty bed next to her showed that Neeta is still not back to PG.   Day was long and creepy for her. Headache¬†was troubling from past 1 hour has become verse now. …