Things to know about Rh negative Blood type

Rh negative and pregnancy


Do you know there are 35 known human Blood group systems?

Yes! This made me wonder because all I knew was some familiar Blood group types such as A, B, AB & O. If you are still wondering you can check our Wikipedia Master.

Whenever you see a Blood group type you will see a “Positive” or “negative” next to A or B or AB or O. This + or – is known as Rh factor of the Blood.

Rh negative is the one with A-, B-, AB- & O-. Having Rh negative Blood type is rare hence it is important to know about it.

Generally, people search a lot whenever they come to know that they have a rare blood group type. There is no wrong in it as long as you are not worried or stressed out.

There are a lot of studies on RH negative people & blood type. Apart from complications during pregnancy, Rh negative blood type is not harming.


What is Rh factor?


First, let me explain to you about Antigens.

I’m not a doctor or medical student or knows about human science. I’m just passing on what I have read through the internet. So if you know anything more or want to correct the info please go ahead and use the comment section. I will edit the changes accordingly.

Antigens are nothing but cell proteins. These proteins help our immune system to differentiate between “Own” & “foreign body“. For example, any bacteria, viruses, cancer cells etc are treated as a foreign body.

As soon as Body detects the foreign object, the immune system will be activated in order to kill it or remove from the body.

That’s how antigens will help our immune system to fight against unwanted substances in the body.

Rh in the Rh factor is Rhesus. This type of antigen was first found in Rhesus Monkeys. This antigen exists in human blood as well.

If you have Rh antigen you will be “Positive”, if not you will be Rh negative.

That’s it!


Rh negative and Pregnancy


rh negative and pregnancy

If the mother is Rh-negative & Father is Rh-positive then there are chances that Baby’s blood group type will be either positive or negative.

Rh-negative mother & Rh-negative fetus will not be any problem. Complications arise only when the baby develops a Rh positive blood group type.

Whenever Baby’s blood (Rh positive) enters into the mother’s system, Rh-negative mother’s body generates antibodies. These antibodies attack the baby’s positive blood cells considering them as a foreign body. This leads to breaking down the child blood cells creating problems such as jaundice, brain damage, illness and sometimes death of the child.

That is why Pregnant women need to be extra cautious if they have Rh-negative blood group type.

But no need to worry!

Our medical system has advanced and we are in the 21st century! Doctors know how to treat such cases and you can have babies without any worry.

What is the solution?


Finding Blood group of a pregnant woman is the first step. If it is Rh negative, women will be given an injection of RhoGAM (This stops pregnant women body to produce antibodies) in the first few weeks, after 28 weeks and once after the delivery.

A single dose of RhoGAM contains sufficient anti-D to suppress the immune response up to 15 ml of positive red blood cells.

Pregnant ladies will be kept on a close monitor to find out production of antibodies during pregnancy. In any such case advanced treatment will be provided.


Additional Facts


Rh negative and pregnancy

There are some random facts about Rh negative people. They are easily scared, their body can balance the oxygen level even at higher altitudes, Predominantly blue, green or Hazel eyes & Reddish hair, comparatively better resistance to diseases like HIV, smallpox etc.

Also, they are resistant to mosquito bites 😀 No study or research proves these facts so no need to take them seriously.

If you are an Rh-negative person then don’t worry at all! It is just another blood type with lack of Rh factor. People especially with O- can donate blood since it is a universal donor & one of the rare blood groups to find.

Just be happy 🙂

Disclaimer: This post is not medically verified and is truly based on my knowledge.

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