Best gel nail polishes

Regular nail polish starts chipping off within a week. It is difficult to have a long-lasting manicure that goes for weeks. But with the help of gel nail polishes, you can make the impossible possible! The gel nail polish stays for up to 3-4 weeks without chipping, dries off quickly and is way more stylish with its ultra-glossy finish compared to the basic polish.

However, there are few side effects of gel nail polishes. Most of the gel nail polishes are cured with UV light to make them long-lasting. This UV light can harm the skin around the nails, for example, dark skin, wrinkles, skin cancer etc. Also, it is difficult to take off the gel nail polish compared to the basic polish, hence nails become cracked, rough, and lifeless with continuous use. But don’t worry! There are many best gel nail polishes that come can stay for weeks without any UV light! Forget all the concerns by choosing the nail polish that suits your requirement and enjoy the beautiful look of your nails.

Let’s look at 15 Best gel nail polishes

1) Beetles Gel Polish

According to Beetles, this gel polish stays for up to 21 days. The shine will be retained throughout, no chipping or smudging. This polish is formulated with 9 toxic-free ingredients (chemicals like lead, paraben, champer, xylene, and 5 others) hence it has a mild odor and not hazardous to health.

2) AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish

This nail polish comes in cute packaging giving a mirror shine finish every time you manicure at home. One thin layer would suffice to give a long-lasting polish that can stay for up to three weeks. The only problem is that the smell of this polish is quite strong but it disappears once you dry the nails under UV light.

3) OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

If you are looking for gel polish with no UV then here is the best choice! This long-wear nail polish by OPI helps you get a gel polished look that lasts for up to 11 days. Easily removable with regular nail polish remover, this polish is perfect for people who wouldn’t risk themselves to side effects. Also, there are multiple shades (nude, candy pink, peach and more) it is easy to get the desired look. Remember, a manicure at home works best when you have a nail primer, base coat, color coat, and then a layer of topcoat.

4) Butter London Nail Polish 

This nail polish successfully preserves the radiant color with its UV shield for weeks. By locking the color it prevents fading and chipping of the color. This can be your favorite must-have-nail-manicure because of the glossy finish that leaves you with great satisfaction. The square design of the bottle is unique and comfortable to make the manicure process easy.

5) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish

This nail polish by Sally Hansen comes with a variety of trendy shades (30+ hottest shades). So not only the glossy, long-lasting nail polish look, you will get to choose the color that can match your outfit. You will definitely fall in love with a clear polish that keeps your nails glossy and waterproof for a really long time.

6) Allenbelle Color Changing Nail Polish

This is a temperature nail polish that changes its color at 32 degrees turning the color bright and shiny with a mirror finish. Also, different colors are available to pamper your nails with different looks. To get the perfect color change effect, keep your nails longer. This type is ideal for Christmas nail art designs or fall nail art ideas.

7) Essie Two Step Gel Nail Polish

Perfect long-wear nail polish that can make your nails look glossy with no UV light. This nail polish by Essie is a two-step process where you can apply a topcoat on top of this Gel Couture to make the polish long-lasting. Available in nude, pink nude, pearl nude, and few other shades, this easily gliding nail polish gives a salon-quality look right at your home.

8) Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

When it comes to trends in nail polishes, Sally Hansen tops the list. The compliments follow you! This polish is a two-step gel that comes along with a topcoat, 70+ shades, and stays for up to 8 days. Gel like nail polish at your home with vibrant shades.

9) Revlon ColorStay Gel Nail Polish

This gel nail polish by Revlon comes with an in-built base coat. That means no need to apply a separate base coat. You can finish the look with the Revlon gel envy top coat to get perfect salon-style nails. Along with providing a super shiny look, the chip-resistant formula makes it long-lasting (up to 7 days). Choose the perfect shade to get gel like nails instantly.

10) Modelones Gel Nail Polish

You can purchase a set of Modelones Gel Nail Polishes at an affordable price. This set with six different colors can be the perfect gift for her or for your nail stylist friend. These require a UV light for curing and a top coat to finish the look. It stays for up to two weeks with a proper application.

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