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5 Awesome Travel Locations in Karnataka

  Karnataka’s tourism is very vast including Mysuru, Hampi, Badami, Pattadakallu, Dandeli, Chikkmagaluru and many other places. Here I have picked only 5 places because one blog post wouldn’t be enough to write about whole Karnataka 🙂   1. Gokarna   Gokarna means Cow’s ear. According to mythology, in this …


5 Days trip Itinerary to Kerala: God’s Own Country

  People who visited Kerala always returned with the thirst of wanting to go back. Kerala is truly blessed with nature and that’s why it never fails to impress people who visit the place. The best time to visit Kerala is June-July. Because of the monsoon season, waterfalls will be …

World's Largest Starbucks

World’s Largest Starbucks in Chicago – Take a Look Inside

  Started in 1971, Starbucks opened its first shop in Seatle. From there the aroma of coffee has been spread all over the world and warmly accepted by coffee lovers. Today Starbucks is one of the largest coffee outlet in the entire world. Their Hot coffees, Teas, Beverages, Iced Coffee …


5 Most Visited National Parks in the United States

  If one asked to choose the top 5 National Parks in the United States then the job is very difficult. However, we can rank them based on the number of yearly visitors and hence create a list of most visited Nationa Parks. State Parks & National Parks have widely …

Hocking Hills State Park

A day in Hocking Hills State Park Ohio

  We visited Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio during this summer. Since summer is the best place to visit state parks, I will be waiting excitingly for summer every year. We stay in the place where it starts snowing from December to Marc hence, coming out of the house to …


Dayton Airshow 2019 : Everything you need to know

  This summer we attended Dayton Airshow and I must say that it was one of the spectacular airshows I have ever attended. Planes were roaring all over the sky one after the other. The blue sky witnessed a number of different size and types of airplanes for a really …

BEST THINGS to do in Chicago

15 BEST THINGS To Do In Chicago, Illinois

  After Newyork, Chicago is one of the busiest city in the United States. Vivid architecture, parks, lakes, and hundreds of tourist attractions have given Chicago its own charm. Having one of the five great lakes, Chicago attracts a number of tourists every year. The museums stand tall representing the …

Monsoon travel essentials

Monsoon Travel Essentials: Don’t forget to carry these things

  Monsoon is already here and we are enjoying the rain drizzles. The waterfalls will be heavily pouring, rivers and dams are full of water, water rides, etc are some of the fun things to experience in Mansoon. People who don’t love rain or don’t like to travel in monsoon …


10 things to DO in and around HYDERABAD

  Hyderabad is known for pearls, Biriyani, IT Industry, Biscuits, and many other wonderful things. The city is warm and welcomes everyone who comes here in search of a job. Along with that Hyderabad attracts a huge number of travelers every year. The history and arcitecture of this city are …


Hampi: A must visit historical place in 2019

  If you are a historical person then you are very well aware of Hampi. Hampi is one of the beautiful tourist locations in Karnataka state. With its history and glory, Hampi grabs a must-see-place title in Indian tourism. I’m gonna take you all to the historical place, the great …