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BEST THINGS to do in Chicago

15 BEST THINGS To Do In Chicago, Illinois

  After Newyork, Chicago is one of the busiest city in the United States. Vivid architecture, parks, lakes, and hundreds of tourist attractions have given Chicago its own charm. Having one of the five great lakes, Chicago attracts a number of tourists every year. The museums stand tall representing the …

Monsoon travel essentials

Monsoon Travel Essentials: Don’t forget to carry these things

  Monsoon is already here and we are enjoying the rain drizzles. The waterfalls will be heavily pouring, rivers and dams are full of water, water rides, etc are some of the fun things to experience in Mansoon. People who don’t love rain or don’t like to travel in monsoon …


10 things to DO in and around HYDERABAD

  Hyderabad is known for pearls, Biriyani, IT Industry, Biscuits, and many other wonderful things. The city is warm and welcomes everyone who comes here in search of a job. Along with that Hyderabad attracts a huge number of travelers every year. The history and arcitecture of this city are …


#XploreBharat: Blog chain on Indian tourism

  Today is January 26th. A big and proud day to every Indian. Let me first wish you all “Happy Republic Day”, the day our constitution came into existence (In 1950). As an honor and to accomplish our bit on this proud day, we like minded Bloggers have joined together to …


Travel Essentials: A Complete Travel Checklist

  After months of hard work, traveling reboots life, allows people to enjoy the fresh air and gives new memories to cherish. Life is full of work,  busy schedules, deadlines, meetings, business hence traveling has become one of the basic necessity to refresh ourselves. Traveling is magical when everything goes …


Things to know before going to Walt Disney world

Walt Disney world is one of the must-see things if you are a wanderlust traveler. It is our responsibility to make maximum use of money that we have paid. There are many ways to save money. For example, refill a water bottle at drinking fountains instead of paying $3 for …


Cost saving mini Euro trip with must see locations

This cost saving tour plan can save your bucks and also give the satisfaction of covering must-see destinations from Europe. All the places covered here can be reached by any local services (Buses most probably).  Plan your trip considering these in mind, always book hotels, buses and other amenities in advance …


Step by step procedure for applying passport in India

Passport Application Form: This can be obtained via government official site . Visit this site and click on ‘Register Now’ link on the homepage.  Provide all the details; Passport office (This will be the center passport office of your respective state, e.g: If you are from Karnataka then this will be Bengaluru), …