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9 Yoga Poses to Improve Physical and Mental Health

Lately many are realizing the physical and mental health benefits of Yoga, a good old method that has a history of thousands of years. The benefits of yoga are not only on the physical body but also improves Mental health. Hence you will get two-in-one benefits by practicing yoga on …


12 Fat Burner Equipment To Help You Lose Belly Fat

  We know that Belly fat is universal! At one or the other point in life, everyone will get belly fat. It may be because of a lack of exercise, unhealthy food, or a medical condition such as surgeries. We all wish to have a flat tummy but not everyone …

Rh negative and pregnancy

Things to know about Rh negative Blood type

  Do you know there are 35 known human Blood group systems? Yes! This made me wonder because all I knew was some familiar Blood group types such as A, B, AB & O. If you are still wondering you can check our Wikipedia Master. Whenever you see a Blood group …

Reduce Belly Fat

10 Simple Steps to Reduce Belly Fat

Fat is defined as the energy storage system of our body. Whenever we consume food, the body stores extra calories as fat which will be used as a source of fuel in case of emergency. If a person keeps consuming calories more than the body requirement then fat starts getting …

best gym in bangalore

6 Gym Workout For Beginners

Everyone joins the best gym in Bangalore for a variety of reasons. However, many folks are hesitant to use the equipment since they have never worked out in a gym before. These introductory gym routines are great for a variety of purposes, including losing weight, burning fat, building muscle and …

self care tips

10 Self-Care Tips to Maintain A Healthy Well-Being

Self-care is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to maintain physical and mental well-being. Taking care of oneself through healthy habits such as regular exercise, eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep, and managing stress can help prevent illness and disease. Additionally, self-care can improve mental health by reducing stress …

fat burning exercises at home

5 Easy At-home Exercises To Shed Belly Fat

Most of you are tortured the moment you glance at your tummy! Those bulging bellies can make you look unhealthy, obese, and even large. And believe us, these can be stubborn and adamant and won’t leave your body so easily. You need to keep close attention to your regular diet, …

Pregnancy Symptoms

10 Dangerous Pregnancy Symptoms

  Pregnancy is a very important phase for every woman. Whether it is first or second, every pregnancy is special. Physically and mentally woman starts feeling entirely different. Few women are blessed with easy pregnancy whereas there are many women who face complications. Most of the times especially during the …

Taking Care of your teeth

Tooth Extraction: What To Expect When Having It Done

There are many reasons why you may need to have a tooth extracted. Sometimes your dentist must remove a healthy tooth to preserve the health of the rest. If you need to have a tooth extracted for whatever reason, you may be feeling anxious if you have never been through …

How to be happy

25 ways to refresh your LIFE right now!!

  Sometimes life throws us at the edge of the mountain and checks how we will survive. Today mental stress has reached a peak because of hectic jobs, relationship tantrums, devil boss, financial problems, harassments and many more. People are asking how to be happy in life. We all have …