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Dentist Care

Dentist can save your life during these 4 critical conditions

  Trained dentists can help with much more than your oral health. They can use their skills and expertise to recognize warning signs of underlying conditions. There are many ways that early diagnosis by your dentist can save your life. This is especially helpful in detecting horrible diseases such as …

Reduce Belly Fat

10 Simple Steps to Reduce Belly Fat

  Fat is defined as the energy storage system of our body. Whenever we consume food, body stores extra calories as fat which will be used as a source of fuel in case of emergency. If a person keeps consuming calories more than the body requirement then fat starts getting …

Quarantine LIfe

10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle During COVID-19

  We all are stuck! The whole world is facing a severe crisis and it is very difficult to witness the incidents that are happening globally. One thing to remember is that nobody is alone! We are all in this together and will get through this tough situation. While we …

Pregnancy Symptoms

10 Dangerous Pregnancy Symptoms

  Pregnancy is a very important phase for every woman. Whether it is first or second, every pregnancy is special. Physically and mentally woman starts feeling entirely different. Few women are blessed with easy pregnancy whereas there are many women who face complications. Most of the times especially during the …

Repairing dental crowns

A Complete Guide to Repairing Dental Crowns

  The crown is the upper part of a tooth, usually covered by enamel. It is the part visible right after the gums and is the part that gets chipped or broken, requiring a dentist to put an artificial crown. The dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits onto …

How to be happy

25 ways to refresh your LIFE right now!!

  Sometimes life throws us at the edge of the mountain and checks how we will survive. Today mental stress has reached a peak because of hectic jobs, relationship tantrums, devil boss, financial problems, harassments and many more. People are asking how to be happy in life. We all have …

Dental care

5 Symptoms indicate you need Oral Surgery

  Most of the times, the term ‘Oral surgery’ panics people. Imagining forceps & knives inserting into gums, can make anyone uncomfortable and nervous. However, pain is temporary and maintaining good oral health for lifelong is what matters the most. Most of the people ignore dental problems. They think as …

Rh negative and pregnancy

Things to know about Rh negative Blood type

  Do you know there are 35 known human Blood group systems? Yes! This made me wonder because all I knew was some familiar Blood group types such as A, B, AB & O. If you are still wondering you can check our Wikipedia Master. Whenever you see a Blood group …


10 Simple Solutions to Reduce Period Pain

  Period is the god gift to women. It gives her the ability to give life and produce another human being. We women sometimes might hate the monthly bothering but we are glad that we have it. Along with period, one which comes every month is the PAIN! Very few women …