We know that Belly fat is universal! At one or the other point in life, everyone will get belly fat. It may be because of a lack of exercise, unhealthy food, or a medical condition such as surgeries. We all wish to have a flat tummy but not everyone is lucky, right? Once the fat accumulates around the belly it is difficult to lose it. That’s why we should start working out as soon as we notice it.

Exercise is one of the 10 simple tips to reduce belly fat. Remember, not all exercises help you lose fat around the belly. There are certain special exercises with the help of those only you can lose the belly fat. Here is the list of exercise equipment to make your job easy. These equipment are selected based on customer reviews, ranking by Amazon, price, and quality of the product. Please note, it is always recommended to practice exercises with fitness instructors.

On that note, let’s jump straight to our list!


12 Belly Fat Burner Equipment


1) Pedal Resistance Band

Resistance bands are known for flexibility, stretching, and comfort. They serve high benefits with a price less than a monthly gym membership. Recently many people are preferring to work out at home because of the pandemic hence resistance bands are great solutions with their versatile features.

Peddle resistance bands are great for performing multiple stretching. Waist, Arms, Legs, Shoulders can be exercised with the help of these bands thus they provide posture to the body.

The peddle acts like a footrest and gives a firm grip while holding the handle. Good pedal resistance bands are those who have high tensile ropes, foam on the handle to avoid hand pain/burn, should prevent overstretching, and adjustable tube.


  1. NBR tube is environment friendly and healthy to the body
  2. Convenient to use (can be used at home, hotel, while traveling..)
  3. Helps to shape legs, hip, abdomen, chest and arms


2) Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is a stationary indoor exercise equipment that is designed to mimic the motion and impact of traditional water rowing. It works with a pair of strings attached to the strap and handles. There are a variety of rowing machines with different types of rowing to provide more workout options to the customer. These can be found in your gym or can be bought at home for a convenient exercising routine.

This rowing machine has a smooth, sliding, cushioned seat. The hydraulic cylinder comes with 12 adjustable levels and also stats such as time, count, calories etc. can be monitored using a digital monitor. The pivoting foot pedals with foot straps are great for cardiovascular fitness and whole body workout. Pedal straps can be adjusted according to the height hence it is easy, comfortable, and beneficial.


  1. 12 levels of resistance
  2. Cushioned nonslip handlebars
  3. Anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps
  4. Digital display on the handle for convenient tracking


3) Row-N-Rider Rowing Machine


Strengthening the core should be the main aim of our daily exercises. Week core results in lower back pain, alter the body postures, and the body gets easily tired. That’s why many fitness instructors advise core strengthening exercises to build a firm and fit body. Squat is one such exercise that helps to strengthen the core and also has many other health benefits.

There are different tools to help you ease your squatting process. This Row-N-Rider Rowing Machine is the perfect squat machine for your daily exercises. Along with the lower body workout, you can also strengthen your shoulders, arms, and back.


  1. Multiple hand positions to work on chest and back muscles
  2. Three adjustable resistance bands
  3. Digital monitor to track time, counts etc
  4. The machine comes with no noise
  5. It can be folded


4) Kettlebell


We exercise for strength, body balance, body toning, and flexibility. These are the four important aspects or goals of any kind of exercise. All these four can be achieved by using single equipment, called Kettlebell.

Whether it is core strength or losing fat or cardio training, Kettlebell can be incorporated into your gym equipment. You can target a specific muscle or a group of muscles! Swings, Squats, deadlifts, getups, pushups and any other full-body workout can be achieved using a single or pair of kettlebells.


  1. Weights are available in 5,10,15 and up to 80 pounds
  2. Enamel coated cast iron makes it safe and high quality
  3. A wide opening handle provides comfort and a secure grip


5) Abdominal Toning Belt


How do the ab toning belts work? They simulate abdominal muscles with electric currents. A constant supply of the current makes the central nervous system of the body contract and relax muscles continuously. Thus a person with very low-fat accumulation can see a shrink of one or two inches after regular use.

Hence toning belts are for those people who just want to shape their body (not burn fat!) or to people who are suffering from Scoliosis. Especially for those people who are working to get a 6-pack body.


  1. Rechargeable and in-built programs
  2. Gel Pads can be used for up to 25 timed sessions
  3. 100 adjustable intensity levels
  4. Can be used while you are jogging or walking
  5. Contracting and relaxing the Muscles up to 150 times in 30 minutes.

6) Cardio Home Gym 

Cardio exercises are those which increase your heart rate with the help of repetitive steps. In simple words, cardio exercises challenge the cardiovascular system of the body.

This cardio home gym comes with great features. With this single tool, eight different exercises can be performed. You can find all of them in a manual and train yourself. Regular practice with 8 minutes per day is recommended in order to notice the results.


  1. Three resistance levels
  2. Workout videos can be downloaded for free
  3. Folds for easy storage
  4. Comes with a workout chart
  5. Can be used for abs, legs, hips, and other customized workouts

7) Roller Wheel


The roller wheel may look silly or funny at the first sight. But you will be surprised to know that this single tool can be used in many ways when it comes to body fitness. When you are rolling the wheel your entire body muscles will be engaged. Most importantly ab muscles get more work along with the chest, biceps, and triceps.

It needs great upper body strength along with core strength hence it is not that easy as it looks. If you don’t use core muscles to move the wheel then you may hurt your face or back. So be careful if you are a beginner, start slowly to achieve greater experience and results.


  1. It is cheap compared to other ab workout equipment
  2. Rubber cotton handle provides a comfortable grip
  3. Stainless steel shaft with a maximum weight of 440 pounds
  4. Comes with a knee pad for comfort and grip

8) Weighted Hoola Hoop

The problem with most of the people is they just have belly fat! The rest of the body looks neat but only the belly is popping out. In such cases, you don’t need an arms workout or hips workout right? Belly fat should be gone without affecting the rest of the body! Aerobic exercises (exercises which use oxygen) such as swimming, walking etc. are there to help people with regular body fitness.

Hoola Hoop is an aerobic exercise that helps to lose belly fat. Since it keeps abs engaged, abs will be toned by continuous Hoola hooping. To make the process more effective, there are weighted Hoola hoops available in the fitness equipment section. Just keep twisting and spinning daily for about 20 to 30 mins and eventually, your belly fat would be gone!


  1. 8 detachable section makes it easy to carry during travel
  2. Size can be adjusted according to the height
  3. The material is environment-friendly, 100% non-toxic
  4. Weighs 1.9 pounds and burns 300 calories per use


9) AB Workout Machine


Since we are not able to go out because of health reasons, it is getting difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keto Diet guide advises us to eat less and intake protein-rich food but that’s not enough! Exercise is also needed to keep the body fit.

Fitness equipment sales grew by 170% during this pandemic! This shows that many people are preferring to work out at home with appropriate equipment.

The workout machine shown above is one multipurpose gym kit. You can use it for full-body exercise or abs workout or hips lift. The machine comes with a manual that guides various exercises and also you can find many training videos on youtube.


  1. Heavy-duty steel frame makes it durable for years
  2. High-quality knee cushion and foam covered handles
  3. LCD display for monitoring
  4. Can be folded and easy to assemble
  5. 4 different adjustable height levels
  6. Curved steel design is made especially for abs workout


10) Vibration Plate


Who knew that one day you will stand on a device that vibrates your whole body and make you lose weight? When vibration plates introduced in the market there was excitement as well as doubts. How does the vibration plate work? Is it really effective? Do I lose weight by standing on a vibration plate for 10 mins?

We have answers for you..

Vibration Plate works by stimulating body muscles at a very high level. Normally muscles in the human body contract and relax once or twice per second. Whereas vibration plates make body muscles contract and relax 30 to 50 times per second! That’s how muscle workouts will be done in order to gain strength.

Since it helps to lose the entire body fat by vibration, belly fat also can be reduced with regular practice.


  1. Free online workout videos
  2. Remote to adjust the settings
  3. 99 adjustable settings to set from gentle to powerful
  4. Can be stored easily with its compact design
  5. Anti-slip rubber on top and stabilizing suction at the bottom


11) Magnetic Rowing Machine

Having a high resistance on the rower machine increases the difficulty which in turn helps to build high muscle potential. That is why fitness experts set their rowing machine at a higher resistance level to make the process harder which gives faster muscle build. Magnetic rowing machines are preferred by many gym-freaks because of its high resistance setting. Also, they are less noisy compared to air-based machines.

Hence people who want to strengthen their muscles, get a fit body, lose belly fat would love to choose magnetic rowing machines whereas air rowing machines are preferred by people who actually want to lose entire body weight.


  1. 16 levels of tension for a challenging workout
  2. Pivoting foot pedals with adjustable straps
  3. Convenient as it folds upright
  4. Large padded seat that glides smoothly


12) Pilate Bar Kit

If you have ever attended a fitness class, then you are familiar with the word “Pilate”. If not, don’t worry we will see what exactly is the meaning of Pilate. Pilate is a type of exercise that mainly concentrates on strengthening the muscles. Along with that it also improves body posture and flexibility.

You can perform pilate exercises with or without equipment. It strengthens the core part of your body and the exercises are quite simple. The pilate bar will make the job easy with many benefits. You can use a pilate machine like a rowing machine, pullers, barbells etc. Thus pilate bars are like a moving gym. You can carry them anywhere you want and perform the exercises concentrating on different parts of the body.

The above Pilates bar kit is can be dissembled and assembled as per the convenience. You can perform sidekick, hip lift, leg twist, squat twist, stretch using this one single equipment.


  1. Durable and super elastic
  2. Increases flexibility and agility of hips, legs, and arms
  3. Helps to build muscles
  4. Pilate sticks can be used for Yoga

Disclaimer: Anyone beginning an exercise program should consult with a physician/fitness instructor.