Warm coffee, hot shower, cozy blankets, furry clothes are the symbols of winter. Winter is good as long as you can protect yourself from the cold breeze.

A good moisturization, day cream to maintain skin hydration, night cream to lock the skin pores etc become very important once the winter steps into the season.

In this winter most affected parts are skin and lips.  Skin can be covered with clothes but chopped or cracked looks weird whenever you are conversing with the people.

To avoid this we need to use a good lip balm to protect the lips.

Today let’s see best lip balms that can be used in winter to get perfect smooth lips.


Burts Bees Lip Balm


This one is my favorite. As the description says this lip balm is 100% natural, made up of fruit extracts & Beeswax, nourishing oils & butter. While the fruit extracts give instant freshness and color to lips, nourishing oils and butter will make your lips juicy and beeswax softens and moisturizes the lips.

The tube is easy to use, can be carried anywhere in jeans pockets or purse. Burts bees lip balm comes with a matte finish which cannot be noticed on lips.

This is available in different flavors pomegranate, strawberry, Coconut & Pear and Vanilla Bean etc. An individual tube will cost you around 3+ dollars however you can purchase a pack of 4 on Amazon for a lesser price.



  1. Goes well along with the lipstick.
  2. 100% natural.
  3. Free from chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, petrolatum etc.
  4. There is no glossy effect.
  5. Nice scent


  1. Wax is a little hard while trying to apply on lips.


EOS lip balm


I loved the packaging of EOS lip balms, they are cute and bright! When I saw this lip balm in the store it was looking so cute that I couldn’t control myself from buying it. This cute little dome-shaped box idea was very innovative and instantly became popular when it entered the market.

EOS didn’t disappoint me. It was great in quality too. EOS lip balm is made up of Cocoa & Shea butter which helps to moisturize and hydrate the lips for a really very long time.

Most of the times I eat my lip balm, strawberry flavored lip balm which I bought tasted great. Price is a little expensive compared to other lip balms but no regret once you buy it.



  1. Very mild scent
  2. Thicker balm provides longer hydration.
  3. Adorable packaging
  4. Applies smoothly and uniformly
  5. Paraben-free, petrolatum-free and gluten-free
  6. Dermatologist tested


  1. Once the lip balm reaches the edge of the bottle it is difficult to apply. One has to use hands.


Maybelline ‘Baby Lips’ lip balm


This was the first chopstick that I got addicted for several days. It was cute, flavored, nice scent, moisturized and got everything I was looking for.

Now I’m using Baby lips My pink balm which changes the color. When it comes to moisturization and locking lip hydration this lip balm is not very great. Baby lips have Ph reacting pigment which reveals pink color on contact with lips. Hence it is a customized color which depends on your lips ph.



  1. Along with the glow & color this lip balm provides 4-6 hrs moisturization.
  2. Better SPF and PH to suit skin combination.
  3. Protects against sunburn & windburn.
  4. Provides instant glow hence can be used in a makeup kit
  5. Goes well with other lipsticks.


  1. Moisturization is less compared to other lip balms.
  2. Doesn’t help with chopped or cracked lips.

Vaseline Mini Rosy lip balm


This one is a simple yet effective lip balm that I have ever used. Vaseline is clinically proven to cure dry lips. That means it is the best in providing moisturization for the longest time.

Also, the non-sticky, non-greasy formula makes it unnoticed even you apply 2-3 layers in the single application. People who don’t like glow or shine or color can go for this.



  1. Good for regular use.
  2. No color, no shine, no glow formula.
  3. Non-sticky, non-greasy
  4. Light rose scent


  1. Cannot carry easily because of its box packaging.
  2. No difference between this & basic vaseline.