Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy is a very important phase for every woman. Whether it is first or second, every pregnancy is special. Physically and mentally woman starts feeling entirely different. Few women are blessed with easy pregnancy whereas there are many women who face complications. Most of the times especially during the first pregnancy, many are not aware of the dangerous pregnancy symptoms. For example, baby kicking; if the baby had stopped kicking or kicking too frequently then it is NOT a good sign! If this symptom is ignored then it may create many issues in the upcoming months.

History of earlier pregnancies such as RH factor, C section etc creates problems in the next pregnancy. They are not common to every pregnant lady but if you have these then extra care needs to be taken.

Hence knowing about bad pregnancy symptoms is very important if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. If you see any of these mentioned symptoms then visit your doctor immediately. It may be nothing but DON’T take them lightly or trust internet search results.

Everyone’s body is different, conditions are different hence every symptom is different. You can ask for suggestions with families and friends but always visit the doctor to avoid critical conditions at a later stage.


1)  Heavy Vomiting


We all know that vomiting is one of the early signs of pregnancy. But what if you are vomiting throughout the pregnancy? That’s not a good sign!

Usually, vomiting stops after 3-4 months. But in some women, it continues indicating the symptoms of complications, it means something is NOT right!

If you are vomiting too frequently or vomiting hadn’t stopped even after 4 months or sudden vomiting which continues for weeks then ask your doctor. Heavy vomiting results in dehydration which is not good for the baby and mother.


2) Abdominal Pain


Abdominal pain or stomach pain is common during pregnancy. Every woman bears stomach pain and cramps during periods. Hence such pain or cramps looks nothing or even if they are severe she thinks they are normal.

Abnormal abdominal pain usually comes along with other symptoms. For example, bleeding or pain during peeing. If you see any other symptom along with the abdominal pain then visit your gynaecologist immediately.

It may be the symptom of the health of the baby or uterus condition. If ignored it may even result in abortion or risk to a mother’s life.


3) Bleeding or Discharge


Heavy bleeding is one of the very dangerous symptoms in pregnancy. It usually occurs whenever the fetal’s life is at risk or in case of critical health issues.

If you are pregnant and bleeding then visit the doctor immediately. Always report your doctor about bleeding even if it is very light. Sometimes it occurs daily and continues for weeks. Don’t hide from your doctor! Don’t be embarrassed or scared, share everything about your health.

Along with bleeding, colored discharge is also not safe to pregnant women. Remember, infections and burning are also not normal!





4) No or Less Kicking


If you are pregnant for the second time then you know what I’m going to talk about! Usually baby starts kicking from 16th to 25th week of your pregnancy.

If the baby is NOT kicking even after this period then it is NOT happy news. Also, if the baby is kicking very less then that is also not a good symptom either.

Baby kicking indicates the health of the infant. Whenever you speak or eat babies respond by kicking.


5) Faint or Dizziness


During this time your body needs more energy. If you are underweight or not eating properly then your body fails to get sufficient amount of nutrition to supply to the womb.

As a result, you will see fatigue, tiredness, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision and other symptoms. No need to be scared but if you ignore they may become severe conditions.

Doctors usually suggest vitamins or supplements provide nourishment to the body. Eating healthy food, including lots of greens and proteins is always recommended.

Don’t skip your food and starve for a longer time. Keep eating at regular intervals.


6) Swelling


Swelling is another important symptom indicating the health of the pregnancy. During this time the body receives more fluid than usual hence, it results in external swelling of different parts of the body. Swelling of legs, fingers, feet is common and usually, the body recovers quickly.

It increases as the pregnancy grows into weeks and most of the times it is nothing to worry about. However, extreme or sudden swelling shouldn’t be ignored.

Report such symptoms during your routine check-up or consult the doctor immediately in cases of severe swelling.


7) Illness


Pregnant ladies should be fit and healthy during the entire period of pregnancy. Apart from a few health issues (light headache, tiredness, nausea etc) everything should be alright.

For any kind of sudden or repeated illness please see your doctor. prolonged fever, cold, cough affects the health of the baby.

Don’t try any medicine on your own. Always discuss with your doctor before taking any pills or vitamins.


8) Change in movements


In normal pregnancies babies’ movements usually occur during the 16th week. Baby starts kicking, moving which assures that baby is perfectly alright inside you.

Once the movements start, you will start noticing them and get to know whenever there is a movement. After some time they become familiar.

If there is any sudden change in the movement or unusual movements then it is not a good sign. It might not be dangerous but it is always good to have a word with a doctor and go through necessary scans to make sure everything is fine.


9) Vision Problems


Visual problems are probable symptoms of Preeclampsia. A condition that occurs because of high blood pressure or organ damage.

Blurred vision, irritation in the eyes, auras, flashing lights, and other visionary problems in pregnant women are not usual. If you see any of these symptoms at least once then visit the doctor.


10) Any Other Unusual Symptom


You know your body more than a doctor or anyone else in the family. If something is not right you will come to know immediately. Some symptoms are based on the body type, they occur based on your genes and health history.

If you are not feeling comfortable or noticing something unusual then don’t hide. Also, don’t think too much about pregnancy or parenting or anything that bothers you. Stress and anxiety will not help with your health.

Eat healthy food, stay active and have sound sleep. Enjoy this auspicious phase of your life and cherish every moment with your baby.