How to be happy


Sometimes life throws us at the edge of the mountain and checks how we will survive. Today mental stress has reached a peak because of hectic jobs, relationship tantrums, devil boss, financial problems, harassments and many more. People are asking how to be happy in life.

We all have a normal life. To live in this world normally we need to do certain things such as studies, work, maintain relationships, future planning, childcare, and many other personal commitments.

As life goes on we get bored with the same routine. Even robots will be dead once after the battery is over and after all, we are humans right?

Computers have a refresh button which needs to be pressed every now and then. Otherwise, they get slow and it affects the overall functionality.

The same feature is available on mobiles as well. There is a factory reset button which makes your phone brand new. All your photos, files, wallpapers, settings will vanish and thus the same old phone looks entirely new.

But there is no such button exists in life. We cannot just run away from responsibilities! We cannot just leave everything as it is and wander in search of a new life.

Even if you leave everything and start a new life, again after a few years it feels monotonous. You cannot just keep running in the name of refreshment.

Hence we need to find our own ways to rejuvenate our life. Today everything might seem boring and dull but after some days it feels normal. It feels like you are born to lead this life.

But what to do during such phase? Where to go when you are feeling dull, depressed from this life? What is the solution to pass this phase of life? How to be happy?

Well, let’s see those things which will refresh your life.


How to be happy


1)  Download new songs


This might sound strange but trust me it works! Your playlist has the same songs from years and it is time to change them. Download new songs on your phone and listen to them every day. New songs bring new joy in life.


2) Get a new hairstyle/ hair cut


Personally, new hairstyle makes me feel completely different. My day will be productive. Girls can go for hairstyle since they have many options and boys can choose a hair cut. You can opt for any physical change which makes you happy. Getting tattoos, dying hair, makeup, etc are few other ways.


3) Change your mobile cover


If you are using mobile cover then change it right away! We cannot change mobiles whenever we feel bored with life right? Hence change the mobile cover. Budget-friendly and also it works out perfectly in giving new look to your phone (&life!).


4) Buy new books


It is time to forget our world and get lost in the new world. Books miraculously take us to the new world because there is no boundary to your imagination. You can get lost in your own imaginary world and forget the boring life. Read inspirational autobiographies to instantly feel boosted.


5) Eat your favorite food


Food has a greater impact on our life. Try eating the same thing for a week and see how you will feel bored with everything. Eating favorite food can make both body and mind happy. A happy mind is always a healthy mind.


6) Do your favorite thing


Some people like shopping, some may like drawing or dancing.. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to do your favorite thing. Take some time from your busy life and go for it!


7) Wear new clothes


Wearing new clothes makes you feel entirely new. For some days keep away your old clothes and take out new ones. In fact, wearing new clothes work like therapy.


8) Shuffle your room


Change the sofa location, find a new place for TV, change curtains, buy some new wallpapers and thus change the look of your room. It should feel like you are walking into someone else’s room.


9) Change mobile screen wallpaper


Have you noticed how it feels different when you change the wallpaper on your mobile home and lock screen? No? Then give a try! I’m sure it gives totally a new feel.


10) Travel to unknown places


Take your backpack, keep essential things, and take off to see the places you have never been. Discovering new things during solo travel is kinda fun and no other thing can beat the happiness that travel brings.


11) Learn a new accent


Just like changing your clothes, learning a new accent brings the change in your life. Just see how the words are pronounced differently in different parts of the globe. Try to adopt it and use wherever possible.


12) Change your sheets & pillow covers


I know you already been changing your sheets and pillow covers but here change means say goodbye to old ones and bring new sheets and pillow covers. Sleeping on brand new sheets surely helps!


13) Join dance class


It is time to learn new hobbies. Join dance class which helps you to spend good time in learning something new. This way you can also make new friends.


14) Say goodbye


In life, we make friendship or develope relationships with unwanted people. All they do is hurt us over and over again. Now it is time to say goodbye to such people! Just delete them from your life and move on.


15) Go on staycation


Whenever we are depressed or feel like losing ourselves, only friends and family can help us. Plan for a vacation with people who make you feel happy, with people who care for you.


16) Stay away from the Phone


We have been addicted to mobiles. Social media has spoiled us with unnecessary news and poisonous information. You will not lose anything if you take a break from social media and reduce mobile usage. It helps mentally and physically.


17) Change your route


While going to work or college we always go by the same route. Every day we keep seeing the same houses, trees, signals, turns, and roads. Find a new route and see what it has to offer.


18) Alter daily routine


Every morning getting up at the same time, eating breakfast, getting ready to work, lunch, evening walk, dinner, etc make our life monotonous. Alter daily routine, try getting up early, go to a different restaurant for lunch, try tea instead of coffee..


19) Watch new movies and shows


Find new movies and TV shows of your interest. You may try some unique Netflix originals of this year. I also suggest different language movies which help to relax your mind.


20) Bring a pet


Who else can make us happy other than pets? If you are a caring and loving person then bring a pet to your home. They love you unconditionally making feel special and proud about yourself.


21) Cleaning


Whether it is personal cleaning or house cleaning, cleaning always makes people feel refreshing. Clean your house or car or garage or yourself. Trash unwanted stuff from your life.


22) Set new goals


Setting goals helps to achieve them within the time, keep track of our action, stops wasting time and overall it is benefitting. Don’t list some 10-20 goals at a time. Start from a couple of goals, once you achieve them then set new ones.


23) Laugh to live


Laughing relaxes our muscles and helps to relieve from the stress. Laughing is the ultimate way to keep ourselves happy. Develop the habit of watching comedy channels with light humor. You can also listen to funny podcasts and watch vlogs.


24) Social Service


Only people who can understand the pain of others are the people who have experienced the pain. When you are at the tip of your life think about other people who are in a worse situation. Be part of NGOs or any other social welfare trusts and help people. Seeing the smile on others will definitely make you happy and satisfied with life.


25) Be YOU!


Last but not least! Most of the times we feel failed because we are trying to impress others. We think what society might think or expecting others to praise us. Remember expectation always hurts! You are awesome and beautiful in your own way!