fantasy cricket app


People who love playing online games are always in search of new apps and games. Cricket fans often ask ‘What are the best fantasy cricket apps?’.

According to me, the best fantasy cricket app is the one which gives you flexibility, comfort, and easy ways to earn money. Wait, did I say earn money? Yes! That is the beauty of fantasy cricket app where you can win money along with playing.


What is this fantasy cricket app?


Fantasy games are online games where the gamer creates an imaginary team with the available players and start playing the game. He can choose the players according to his wish to experience the real game.

On top of this, fantasy cricket app offers you money for playing games! Isn’t that cool? You can earn money based on the matches you win, earned points, bonus points, referrals etc.

Hence people go crazy about fantasy cricket apps. Along with having fun you can earn some easy money!


Why fantasy cricket apps are fun?


fantasy cricket app


Well, as many of us already knows that online games are always fun. May it be Xbox or mobile game apps, playing online is a stress buster, helps to relax the mind from the long tiring day. 

Compared to Xbox games and other PC games, mobile app games are more comfortable because you can play them anytime and anywhere. While traveling or during boring business meetings or while waiting for someone in the restaurant. 



Fantasy cricket apps are fun because;


  • You can create your own team: Have you ever imagined playing with Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Bhumra or Dhoni? Who doesn’t love if they get a chance to play cricket with these legends isn’t it? Here is the platform to make that dream come true. Though it is imaginary it gives a real feeling of playing with your favorite cricket players.


  • You can win real money: The game is imaginary but the money isn’t! For every match you win, fantasy cricket app offers you money. You may earn in hundreds or lakhs depending on your luck.


  • You can join for free: This is the most interesting point. If they are giving money they may ask you to pay money or there might be joining fee right? But fantasy cricket app allows you to sign for the cost of nothing!


  • Joining Bonus: Once you sign up, as a welcome bonus you will get bonus money. You can also refer your friends and earn extra money for every referral. this way you and your friend both will get referral money.


  • Create your own team: Once you join the fantasy cricket app, you will see upcoming matches and option to create your team. You can choose 11 players, captain, and vice-captain to your team.


  • Redeeming Money is easy: If you wish to redeem money from your account then you can do it without much hassle. All you need to do is upload your PAN card and bank account details. Once approved your money will be in your account.


  • Variety of matches are available: Once you sign up to this app you will get to see many matches. IPL, Big Bash League, One day and many other matches are available to make the game more interesting.



Are they genuine?


After reading everything about fantasy cricket app one question that might pop up on your head is ‘are they genuine?’. Well, the answer is Yes & No!

YES because there are many fantasy cricket app earned customer trust and leading the online sports market. Dream11 is one such fantasy cricket app having the highest number of users.

NO because there are certain fantasy cricket apps manipulates players and then cheat.

Hence if you want to play fantasy cricket app, check everything before you go ahead. Trusted apps are more fun and help to earn money.