August Ames suicide:

A few days ago, adult movie star August Ames committed suicide after relentlessly bullied on Twitter.  She told her followers that she refused to have sex with a man who did gay porn.

This was her Tweet;

People mobed her on Twitter just because her views and opinions were different. Unfortunately, she lost her life before her fellow stars came to her defense!

Keaton Jones Video:

Few days after this incident, there is a viral video of Keaton Jones on the internet which was made by his mother. In this Video Keaton is helplessly explaining how he is been bullied by other kids. Keaton was afraid to go to lunch and describes the horrible behavior of other kids to his mom.

The video starts with Keaton asking why people bully other kids, he explains how other kids bully about his nose, face and video end up with a message as Keaton starts crying. Keaton says ‘People are different, they don’t need to be criticised about it, it’s not their fault’.

Video went viral as soon as Keaton’s mom uploaded this to her facebook profile. Lots of supports, encouragements, pampering pouring towards Keaton. Since this video has been posted:

  • He has been invited to dozens of concerts/sporting events
  • Taylor Lewan has offered to be his bodyguard
  • Dana White has offered to fly Keaton to Vegas
  • Over $25k has been raised for his future through a GoFundMe
  • Chris Evans invites Keaton to Avengers premiere
  • Including Justin Beiber, Gal Badot many are supporting him in many ways.

Keaton’s mom posted a thank you note saying ‘her family is overwhelmed by attention’.  It is nice to see the positive vibes from everywhere but this has to be stopped at the school level.  Kids should not be punished for racism or their parent’s mistakes.

The question still stands  ‘Why do they bully?’ & there are many Keaton’s around us who are saying ‘Hope it gets better one day’!!