Though many of us are not professional photographers or have photography skills, we click a number of pictures every day.  It may be a picture of morning coffee, Soap bubble, favorite lipstick, Nail polish, Eye makeup, Office desk, Laptop & Mouse or capturing moments like baby’s smile, trekking, group photos or anything we just like to click pictures. After the invention of smart phones capturing photos has become a habit.

What is Foap?

What you do with your clicked photos? Store in hard drive? or frame them on walls? or Just click and forget? What if I tell you that you can earn money with your pictures? Exciting!! isn’t it?

Yes. There is a platform called ‘Foap-Sell your photos’ which pays for your pictures. Don’t think it is only for professional photographers. It is for everyone, including me and you!

More than app, Foap is a community which allows people to create their own account and upload pictures. Pictures uploaded here will be seen by hundreds of other Foapers. Photos can be rated based on quality, theme and also there is ‘comment’ option to express individual views about the picture.

What are the terms and conditions to upload picture?

There are no rules and restrictions. You can start with your own collection, upload any number of photos.  Since Foap is a big community, keep in mind that there are lot of better photographers. Make sure your photo has good quality and taglines to get noticed between thousands of pictures. Good photos will be ranked in Foap market and are available to buyers. Once the photo is sold money will be credited to your linked Paypal account.

Not only this Foap comes with new missions everyday. Missions are nothing but photography contests sponsored by commercials like French’s, Bank of America, Nivea, Getty images and many more. They offer prizes starting from $200 to $1000 for the best photo.

You don’t have to pay anything. Foap makes you better photographer with new themes, inspires to click more, connects with lot of good people.

Why are you waiting then? Start Foaping! 🙂

Google playstore link to download Foap app : Foap – Sell your photos