Air travel is attracting more passengers over the years.  Many are preferring flight over any other commutation since flights take lesser time and provide great luxury.  With the rapid competition, airlines are also offering discount prices to attract more passengers. We all have been in flight at least once in our lifetime, if not then this post is for you.

If you are traveling for the first time in flight then read this post Keep these things in mind when you are traveling via flight which gives a detailed explanation about flight journey.

  • Once you are settled in your seat just look around.  On the top of your head, there will be AC adjustments which you can tune according to your comfort. While reading, turn on the light by pressing the button next to AC, for any other help press the button with which air hostess will come to your seat to help you. Don’t play with these buttons unnecessarily to bother them or the person who is sitting next to you. Be NICe!
  • Some (Very few) airlines provide a tablet which will be attached in front of you. This small monitor contains movies, games etc. If yes, then there will be headphones which you can connect to your seat to listen the audio. You can watch movies, play games, check maps to see where exactly you are.
  • Pay attention to all the announcement (or pretend!). Buckle up the seat belt.
  • Keep your mobile phones in airplane mode or switched off mode when asked to do so. This helps pilot as mobile waves create hindrance in communication. Again some airlines provide wifi (paid most of the times).
  • You might feel irritation in ears due to changing latitude which creates pressure difference in the ear internals. Don’t worry, this is temporary, swallow regularly to minimize the pain.
  • Changing climate may cause turbulence! It’s okay, don’t panic.
  • Bathrooms will be highlighted with lights.  If it is red then it is occupied, green indicates that bathroom is free.  Once you lock from inside, light will glow automatically. Flush is sensor based.
  • It is strictly prohibited to keep any smoking or alcoholic stuff inside flight.