Quarantine LIfe


We all are stuck! The whole world is facing a severe crisis and it is very difficult to witness the incidents that are happening globally. One thing to remember is that nobody is alone! We are all in this together and will get through this tough situation.

While we are maintaining social distancing and staying home, one thing that happens with everyone is a disturbed lifestyle. There is no rush to go to the office, we don’t have any appointments, no travel hence there is no discipline.

We are waking up late, breakfast time has been changed (Sometimes there is no breakfast!), eating often, consuming unhealthy food and most importantly there is no exercise.

Hence it is very hard to lead a balanced lifestyle during this Quarantine time. We shouldn’t risk our whole life just because of a few months (Fingers crossed!) of leisure.

In this post let’s see 10 tips which help to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying at home.


Quarantine LIfe


1) Stay Home, Stay Safe


The first and most important thing in this Quarantine life is to stay home. It is not okay to risk your life and other lives. If available, order groceries online and make sure you are not going out unless it is very urgent or necessary.

Most of the people meeting their families and friends thinking it is safe. You never know where all they have been and it is not safe at all until there is a definite solution. Avoid crowd, touching unknown surfaces, roaming unnecessarily, meeting people, travelling, and eating outside.

Be alert, Be safe!


2) ‘Early to Bed, Early to Rise’ Policy


Waking up early has lots of health benefits and also the entire day will be filled with energy. Though you don’t have to rush anywhere or catch any bus/train, have the habit of waking around 5 am – 6 am.

Waking up early keeps you boosted throughout the day. Early rise sets the entire day hence the first step towards success is getting up early! Try it and see how productive your day will turn out.




People are losing track of their exercise because gyms are closed. This is being an easy great excuse to escape from exercise. Pushups, weight lifting etc can be done with the help of budget-friendly tools.

If you don’t have gymming accessories at home then don’t worry! Yoga is an alternative way of exercise and comparatively has more benefits.

You will find lots of videos on Youtube but I recommend ‘SuryaNamaskara’ in the early morning. Surya Namaskara is a set of exercises which is good when you perform as soon as the sun rises. It has lots of physical and mental health benefits. Start with 10 -12 times a day and gradually increase as you practice daily.


4) Be Clean and Organised!


It is easy to be messy but difficult to be clean and organized, right? Well, if you make the habit of being clean then you will get used to it. Just don’t be the Monica from Friends TV show πŸ˜€

Bathe every day, keep your kitchen clean, Organize your house, Keep things at their exact place, eat at the dining table are some of the major things to keep surrounding and yourself organized.


5) Timely Eating


Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you can eat at any time. It is easy to get addicted to Coffee, Tea, and any other junk food because of the easy access.

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the regular time. Don’t forget eating while you are busy working. Have lots of greens, vegetables, protein-rich food on your plate. If you are not exercising or in the case of lack of physical activities then reduce the quantity of the food. Limited and timely eating is the best way to maintain a healthy body.


6) Evening Walk


Choose a trail or park where there is no crowd. Every day take your family for a refreshing evening walk. Make sure you are not crowding the place and also maintain a safe distance. Don’t touch anything and make sure to wash your hands and face once after the walk.

Evening walk makes you feel fresh and is one of the best ways to get rid of closed walls.


7) Meditation


Now we are spending our free timeΒ binge-watching Netflix. It is difficult to reduce the screen time because that is what we are left out with right now! In order to help with mental health practice 15 mins to half an hour of meditation.

You can choose morning time which is calm and peaceful hence helps with better concentration. It may seem difficult in the beginning but once you start practising you will notice the calmness in yourself.


8) Read Books


We think mobiles and TV are the only options to spend time. But there is something with which we can reduce screen time, improve knowledge and feel good. Yes, I’m talking about reading books! The person who has the habit of reading books can survive anywhere!

There are a variety of books such as fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, comics etc are available. You can choose depending on your interest. This is the best time to finish all those want-to-read but never-got-time-to-read books. Make the best use of this time by reading books.


9) Develop a Hobby


As said by unknown, If you keep doing something (anything!) continuously for 21 days then it will become a habit. If you don’t have a hobby this the best time to explore your hidden skills. It may be painting, Practicing the Violin, Cooking, Sewing, writing or anything that makes you happy.

Hobbies help us to concentrate, relax the mind and shape us in a better way. Don’t give up and carry it for 21 days. If you don’t get it even after that then it is not meant to you πŸ™‚ Try something else πŸ˜‰


10) Family Time


Earlier to quarantine we were busy in work so much that we struggled to maintain a work-life balance. But now we have plenty of time to balance it! This quarantine spends the best time with your family.

Plan indoor activities such as playing games (Chess, Carom, Board games etc.), Barbeque, cleaning backyard etc. Involve your kids in such activities so that it will help them to pass time fruitfully.