Period is the god gift to women. It gives her the ability to give life and produce another human being. We women sometimes might hate the monthly bothering but we are glad that we have it.

Along with period, one which comes every month is the PAIN! Very few women are blessed with a painless period. Period pain, often called as menstrual cramps are experienced by almost every women out there.

Since period pain comes every month, we are least bothered about it. We are so much used to it that we have learned to ignore the pain. Sometimes it makes us take a day off or cancel important meetings.

Though it is common in most of the women, it is good if we know the solution to stop the pain or reduce the pain. Many people go for painkillers for instant relief. There are other natural ways to ease pain during periods.

Let’s see one by one.


1) Hot water Bag


Not only period pain, but hot water bag also helps to reduce any kinds of stomach pain. Hot Water alleviates abdominal pain in a similar way painkiller reduces the pain instantly.

I used to keep a hot water bottle on my tummy and trust me it is very relaxing especially when you are getting cramps. If not water bottle, nowadays you can get Rubber Hot water bottles which are flat in structure and can be placed comfortably on the stomach.

Just keep it on your stomach and lay down until you feel relaxed.


2) Herbal Tea


Drinking hot liquid helps to relieve the period pain. You can warm full glass of water and start drinking it slowly. As the hot liquid eases the cramps your pain will be reduced or stopped.

If you are getting frequent pain then go for Herbal tea. Add Tulasi (Basil) or Rose or Tea leaves in your regular tea. Tulasi is the best because it has medicinal properties.

Avoid coffee or caffeine during period time.


3) Exercise


You might have heard people advising you about exercise during periods. Yes, it is true!

Don’t be a Couch Potato! Forget that you are on periods and start doing daily work even though you have pain. If you don’t exercise the pain will never go away.

Do simple ones such as stretching your legs, walking, lower abs exercises etc.


4) Fenugreek seeds


Dysmenorrhea mentions the study about Fenugreek seeds on 101 women of similar age. They were given 900mg capsules of Fenugreek seeds 3 times a day. During the menstrual cycle, the pain experienced by these women was way less than those women without Fenugreek seeds.

You get these in any of the Indian Grocery shops. Take less than a handful of Fenugreek seeds and swallow them. Since they are very bitter in taste don’t bite them. Drink a full glass of water.


5) Rest & Peace of mind


This is the mood swings time. A lot of women may not notice the changes within them but it definitely makes sense to people who are around.

Don’t be stressed out. Though travel will not harm, it may cause excessive fatigue & exhaustion.

Enjoy your time with a Book you love and warm tea. Never let the mood rule you.


6) Eat, Sleep & Repeat


This advice stands well all the time. Eating a good amount of proteins, calcium, iron & magnesium content, avoiding junk food, including greens in your food, eating 3 times a day etc are important. Eat healthy foods such as Beetroot which increases blood hemoglobin levels.

Have a sound sleep at least for 8 hours. The more you sleep, the more you feel energetic and relaxed. Good food and sleep can take away your stress and make everything better.


Carrots are rich in Iron. Hence eat more carrots during your period.


7)  Drink Water


Drinking water is one solution to many problems. You need to be well hydrated in order to have a healthy life.

If you cannot drink (But you should!) enough water, then drink fruit juices. Funda is to consume more fluids and avoiding sodas. Water helps with digestion, blood circulation, and many other things.


8)  YOGA


You must practice Yoga on a daily basis. Practicing Yoga during the rest of your non-period days helps to reduce the contractions thus reducing the pain.

Yoga actually helps with the blood flow. Here is a Detailed guide on the type of Asanas you can practice for blood circulation. Don’t stop just after one or two months. Keep practicing and you will definitely see the results.


9) Turmeric & Milk


Have you ever tried warm milk mixed with Turmeric? It tastes yum! You may already know that Turmeric has medicinal properties.

Warm a glass of milk, mix turmeric and Sugar. Drink this while it is still warm. This magical drink is no less than any pain killer. You will get instant relief.


10)  Hot Water Bath


We have already seen how hot tea or hot water bottle helps to relax your muscles. If you don’t feel satisfied with these 2 then go for hot water bath! Trust me, it works.

The hot water bath helps to relax whole body muscles thus giving immediate comfort from the pain.


I’m sure these tips will definitely help you. If the pain is very severe then I suggest to consult GYN and conduct a thorough checkup.