Ear glands secrete oils that mix with dead skin cells, creating wax that traps derbis that could otherwise migrate to your eardrums and possibly worsen the hearing. Women tend to have softer wax and fewer ear hairs than men! There are many debates going on about the use of Q-tips to remove ear wax. Few doctors say it is not safe to use these for ear cleaning.  Do you know Q-tips were called as ‘Baby Gays’ when they invented? Later they were named as Q-tips where Q is the quality! Well, let’s concentrate on Ear wax.

If you leave it alone ear wax automatically flows out of the ear because our ears are designed with self-cleaning.  But we often bother ears with q-tips or any sharp item resulting in damaging of the eardrum.  There is a well-known saying in the Emergency Department ‘Put nothing in your ear smaller than your elbow’. Now, unless you have extremely small elbows, this tends to rule out a q-tip.  ENT specialists say 80% of patients who visit them are with damaged eardrums, loss of hearing.

I’m saying again, ear designed with self-cleaning. Just clean outer part with a white cloth after the shower.  A drop of olive oil makes ear wax softer. Use cotton swabs on outer ear only! Don’t scratch the delicate inner ear skin.

If you notice itching, a stuffed up feeling or gradually worsening hearing its better to consult a doctor immediately. Wax softening drops and gentle irrigation kits are available but before using read about them thoroughly.

Every part of our body is special but ear, nose & eyes stand first in the list which is needed to be taken care well.