how to maintain healthy hair

Many people post their pic on Instagram with the caption ‘Good Hair Day’. Have you observed how well your day goes on a ‘Good Hair Day?’. Very productive right? What if every day becomes a good hair day? I mean having healthy hair ultimately results in a good hair day. But maintaining healthy hair needs lots of attention and care.

Few people are lucky enough to get healthy hair from their genes. Supplying nutrition to the hair, washing regularly, avoiding dandruff and many other factors help the hair to grow naturally.

Using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners is also important to avoid the chemical effect of sulfate on hair. Going forward avoid using shampoos having more sulfates or alcohol content.

How to maintain healthyΒ hair?


1. Regularly Trim Hair 

I’m not telling you that cutting ends makes hair grow faster. No! That’s a myth. Basically, follicles help hair to grow faster. Since hair ends don’t affect follicles there is no direct relationship between hair ends and hair growth.

However, trimming hair results in healthy hair growth.


If you let the hair grow on its own after some period you might start noticing split ends. Once the hair gets splits then hair strands gradually turn weak resulting in hair fall. The excessive appliance of heat, sun exposure, pollution, chemicals, Over washing, etc are some of the reasons for split ends.

These split ends are nothing but damaged hair strands. Hence it is very important to get rid of them as soon as you notice.

Thus trimming hair every 6 months helps you to avoid split ends resulting in healthy hair growth.

2. Vitamin Supply To Hair

What happens if you leave food and water for a few days? You will start feeling week and broken right! The same thing happens to hair when there is no supply of required vitamins.

Vitamin A, C, E, Iron, Zinc all are important for hair growth. We often research a lot about shampoos & conditioners, spend money on hair styling products but forget the basic necessity.

What is that?

Hair oil! Oil is the only regular supplement of vitamins to hair. Apply oil once a week and leave at least for two hours.

For better results, boil curry leaves and fenugreek in oil. Massage scalp with this warm oil. This promotes hair growth as well as helps to fight dandruff.

3. Don’t Forget Hair Serum

We saw how vitamins are necessary to maintain healthy hair. Oil alone is not enough to provide the essentials and protect hair from damage.

Our hair is directly exposed to sun, dust, and other pollutions in the environment. The oil will be completely washed away after a hair wash. Now again hair is free from protection. Pollution and dust may cause dandruff and sun exposure may cause scalp problems.

Then how to protect hair?

Hair serum helps to get rid of frizz, dryness, detangles hair, and protects hair from sun & pollution. After hair wash, apply 5-6 drops of hair serum to wet hair. Find a hair serum with a sweet scent to give a fresh feeling to the hair.

Most of the hair serum contain silicon which is believed to be bad in the long run. Instead, try making homemade hair serum using avocado and olive oil.

4. Don’t Bleach

Bleaching is considered to be the most damaging to hair. Because natural black hair needs constant retouch which makes your hair look fried and burnt.

Exposing bleached hair to heat, sun, wind, pollution will cause further damage. This makes hair look dull, frizzy, and lifeless.

There is a high risk of damage to bleached hair. Though people suggest safe ways to get hair bleached, my advice is not to take any risk with your hair in the long run.


5. Hair Masks

While hair oil provides the necessary vitamins, Hair Masks contribute extra nutrients. A variety of hair masks are available in the market promising to fulfill hair growth and protection.

You can try homemade hair masks for better results because they come with no side effects. Naturally available ingredients such as aloe vera, Egg, Henna, etc. are proven to be the best for hair care. Hibiscus powder made with naturally dried hibiscus flowers is the ultimate protein source for hair cuticles and long time hydration.

6. Sleep on Silk Pillows

We rest for more than 8 hours on pillows while sleeping. This fact is often neglected and forgotten.

Rubbing hair against rough cloth pillows may cause tangling resulting in damage to hair cuticles. This might be one of the causes of your increased hair fall.

Cotton pillows absorb oil, moisture from air leaving them dry by morning. Use silk pillows which gives comfort as well as protection to hair.

Make a habit of braiding hair before going to bed. As loose hair strands rub against pillow, causing tangle, braided hair helps to keep hair intact.

7. Let Hair Dry Naturally

These days it became quite common to use hair dryers. We are forgetting that our ancestors used sun rays which also supplies Vitamin D to hair.

As already mentioned exposing hair to heat more often leads to damaged cuticles. This may result in split ends, hair loss, lack of moisturization and may even stop hair growth.

8. Don’t Wash Hair too Often

Do you have the habit of washing your hair every day? Then don’t!

Instead, wash hair once in two days in order to protect the natural oils. Our scalp produces natural oils which are required for hair to be healthy and grow happily.

If the hair is washed too often scalp becomes dry and hair lacks the moisturization.

9. Healthy Diet

Our food has a direct impact on hair growth. Healthy eating obviously leads to good hair growth.

Make sure your plate has vitamins and proteins that help to promote hair growth. Avoid eating oily or junk food.

Foods such as citrus fruits, carrots, Curry leaves, Spinach, green leaves, etc accelerate hair growth. Also, drinking lots of water is one of the best ways to maintain healthy hair.

10. Regular Scalp Massage

Make a habit of massaging the scalp once a week with warm oil. Apply enough amount of oil and massage slowly. Massage until your hand stops becoming dry from oil.

This increases blood circulation resulting in the fast growth of hair cells.

Leave it overnight and then wash hair the next day.

Always leave your hair to dry naturally. Stay away from chemicals, heat, hair stylers, Chemical colors in order to maintain healthy hair.