We all use hangers in our life, they make life easy. Salute to the person who found this mini handy object. But how many of us are familiar with different hangers which are available in the market? How many of us use these varieties? I used the same basic hanger to hang all my clothes.  But once I started using these different types of hangers I realized why my life was so difficult, why I was struggling to find my favorite belt.  You might already know these but I’m sure many are still like me, using the same old basic hanger.  Start using these and see the difference!

  • Buy this kind of hanger for bras. Easy to grab, easy to hang. Just bring them on ladies! Start your new collection.

  • I found these on Amazon which is perfect for jeans, formal pants etc. Easy to take out and easy to hang.

  • Look what I found for tank tops, cami, strapped inner wears, sport bras etc.  You can use this for multi-purpose. Click here to buy.

  • Where do you keep your belts? leave them on pant? Inside box? Just throw them somewhere? Don’t do that! Use this Richard Homewares hanger for your belts and admire your collection!

  • Then there is a specially designed hanger for ties as well! You will love this if you have huge tie collection. One of the Bestseller product in Amazon.

  • Ladies this one is for you. This Scarf hanger is available on Amazon for a cheap price, promising the best quality. This also holds ties, belts, accessories and much more.


This doesn’t end here, the list goes on!! I appreciate such tiny innovations which are much required in day-to-day life. Keep checking online for new ones.  Organize all these, paint them with funky colors then look at your closet and thank me 😉