Today is International Women’s Day. A day dedicated especially for women and celebrated globally. Do we really need a special day to celebrate womanhood? Isn’t it an everyday thing?

I have heard most people asking these questions. The answer is yes! We need a day specially dedicated to us. To take a break from hectic life and remember our strength, cherish womanhood, listen to inspiring quotes and get geared up for the next day. It is like a refresh button.

Today, women have excelled in every field. From Military to ISRO she can be seen everywhere. Along with profession, she is handling her responsibilities as a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother, and many other relations.

It is not easy! For men, it is easy to run away from responsibilities. But a woman cannot! A man can leave his kids behind to move on in his life but a woman will always be there for her children.

Sometimes it exhausts us. We start thinking why me? Why nobody is helping me? Why my husband or kids are not helping me in house chores? Why I have to work in Office & Home while my husband relaxes on the sofa after work? Why my kids are so cranky? Why Dad is not listening to me? Why do I need to quit the job to take care of kids?

Questions are never-ending…

During such situations, all we need is a little push! One single sentence ‘You can Do it’. We have the power, we have energy, and we are capable!

Today is International Women’s Day. Let’s see those 11 things which help to boost your strength.


Women's day


1) Never stop


Personal or professional sometimes situations will be so extreme that we just want to quit!

Remember all your hard work to come to this point. If you quit now you have to climb the ladder all again. No path is easy in this world. Every road has stones and thorns.

Difficulties will not be there forever! They have to vanish some day. All you need is patience and keep saying yourself ‘NEVER STOP‘.


There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about Hard work, Choices & Persistence.

– Michelle Obama


2) Don’t get fooled by Relationships


We women are emotional. We have a big and kind heart which sometimes makes us suffer. In most of the relationships, women are the one who gets cheated.

The partner you choose might not be the correct one. It happens! We will never come to know about the person until we start spending some time with them.

Choosing the wrong partner might not be your mistake but suffering in a wrong relationship is. If it is suffocating you, bothering you & if you are not feeling comfortable then walk away from it.

Don’t get fooled emotionally.


3) Stand up & Say “I CAN”


Women's Day


Most of the parents say to their daughters ‘You can’t. Let your brother do it’. That’s what we teach our girls from childhood. Same parents except her to be strong once she grows up.

Everything is possible. All you need is courage, willpower & a pinch of confidence. Show the world that “You can do it” & “You are born to do it”.

Teach the same to your daughter. Never stop her by saying “You can’t”. Give her wings to fly.


Anything is possible if you’ve got enough Nerve.



4) Education is important


We are in the 21st century. Technology is progressing, we have been to Mars, AI is taking over humans, new innovations are stunning and yet there are no schools in some of the villages.

You might have heard about Malala. In her town, girls were meant for marriage, having kids, cooking & being a housewife. But she fought for education even though terrorists tried to kill her.

Yes! Education is very very important. Don’t stop school or college.


5) Give Time for self-care


Whether you are a housewife or working women, make time for yourself. Self-care is necessary for every woman to relax her body and mind.

Amidst all the chaos make some time for your own care. Listen to your favorite music, Go to a spa, spend time with your buddies, read a book, Listen to Inspiring stories, Watch a movie, Go out on a date or do anything that makes you happy.


6) Live your Life


Women's Day


There are so many constraints on women. After a particular time, parents start forcing her for marriage. She has to move to another house and adjust with many people.

Instead of making her comfortable her in-laws start expecting more from her. Marriage doesn’t mean women should know everything.

Hence don’t let others decide on what you should wear, what you should eat etc. Live your life as per your wish.


7) You are Beautiful


Women are the synonyms of the word Beauty. When it comes to Beauty, every topic will be about women. So far we have misunderstood the definition of Beauty.

Beauty is not Glowing skin, Long silky hair, Blue eyes, being tall, Scarless, having a perfect body, flawless skin or curly hair. Beauty is confidence! Every woman on this earth is beautiful in her own way.

Most importantly you should feel that you are beautiful. Your smile is enough to conquer the war. You are beautiful just the way you are!


8) Learn to Differentiate


We have all types of people in this world. Positive & Negative, Good & Bad, Sweet & Cunning… Every person who comes into our life may not be good. We should know the difference and learn to identify such evils.

Recently feminism has been misunderstood by many women. Few feminists are misleading the whole concept by their actions & talks.

Don’t let such people come around you and spoil your life. They are good for nobody.


9) Raise Voice


We have seen a #Metoo movement recently. Many courageous women came out to talk about the abuses, harassment they faced. Few of them even explained their childhood story.

No need to be shameful. It’s not your fault. Whenever you see any such things or be a victim of it, instead of suffering alone just tell the world about it.

Worldwide, sexual harassment is the biggest issue facing women & girls today. Workplace or house you are not supposed to hide your pain.


10) Believe in yourself


Every person knows what they are capable of. Sometimes the world tries to stop you. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior.

Gather your strength and start doing what you wanted to. If you don’t believe in yourself who else will? It’s all the state of mind.

Stand in front of the mirror and say 100 times “You are strong“.


11)  There is NO limit


Success is not limited. There is no fixed definition of success. Once you achieve your goals, set new goals. Create your own ladder to reach more and more success in life.

Always keep achieving. As Michelle Obama says, never stop becoming!


Happy Women’s Day beautiful 🙂


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