Many people grow plants in their house for the purpose of decoration. But indoor plants are not just for decoration, they help humans to recover from anxiety, pressure, fatigue, tension, and anger.

Having a group of plants in your Patio or Front yard helps to keep the house humid and also they supply Oxygen. Even a small plant can make many wonders. If you don’t believe, just bring a small flower plant and keep it on your office desk. You will notice the difference.

Indoor plants boost your energy which automatically improves productivity. Natural Green from the plants is good for eyes. Watching plants grow every day makes people happy. It is kind of stress buster.

Every plant has certain health benefits. In 1989 NASA conducted a clean air study and found out that few indoor plants can purify 90% of the toxic air. All these plants were collected, gathered in a room amidst toxic chemicals. After a certain hour, the air was surprisingly clean and most of the plants from the study proved that they are good for health.

Air used for the research may differ from the natural air and the results may differ. But the indoor plants used in the study are the best air purifiers. There is no harm as long as we are getting benefits out of them.


Let’s see some of the best indoor plants.


Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)



This plant got this name because its flower resembles the shape of a birds beak. Flower of this plant needs years to blossom but it is worth waiting for! The bright Orange color of the flower can make anyone go wow.

Though this plant needs full sun, it can be grown indoors. Just make sure that the soil is moist. You can water weekly once.

Bird of Paradise plant which has Exotic flower can make you feel happy with its vibrant color. The green leaves are good for air circulation and purification.


Snake Plant



Leaves of Snake plant resembles the shape of a reptile. That’s how this plant got its name. This tropical plant is best for indoor gardening and can be grown easily with proper care.

Snake plant absorbs poisonous gases such as HCHO. According to the NASA study, it can also absorb formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, and other toxics that exists in the air. That is why Snake plant is one of the famous indoor plants.

You can keep Snake plant inside your house but make sure it is sun facing. No need to water daily, let the potting mix dry in between. Water every 2 or 3 weeks in order to grow a healthy plant.


Devil’s Ivy (Pothos)



Pothos can be grown easily indoors. If it is in a container it can grow up to 15 feet (Yes that’s right) or even more. Don’t be surprised if it just keeps on growing.

You can plan to grow this plant alongside your wall. Since they don’t need to be watered daily or need extra attention, even people who are busy can plant them.

Pothos are known for purifying the indoor air and can absorb toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide that exist in the air.


Spider Plant



Spider plants are native to Tropical and South Africa. There are a variety of leaf shapes in this plant; long white-edged green leaves, long green leave with a white line in the middle etc.

As per the NASA clean air study, they are good at absorbing formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

They give better look when you hang them in your hall or Kitchen. Spider plant doesn’t need much attention but just make sure you don’t kill them with a lot of water.


Tulasi (Basil) Plant



According to Ayurveda Tulasi has the best healing properties. This plant leaves are edible to eat thus making them a great plant type. Tulasi is known to absorb the negative energy in the air.

This ‘Queen of herbs’ has the power to cure stomach problems, headaches, skin disease, and cures many other health issues. In India, Tulasi is treated as Goddess and worshipped daily. Chewing Tulasi leaves every morning is good for people who have diabetes.

Water regularly, keep soil & leaves moist in order to grow a healthy plant.


Peace Lily



Peace Lily is one of the popular indoor plants. With its vibrant green leaves and beautiful white flower, it can attract anyone. Though it is a indoor plant, it grows well even in outdoors.

This plant needs low light and hence can be kept anywhere in the house regardless of the sun’s direction. This was one of the plants in NASA study and is proven to filter the air from toxins.

There are a variety of Lilies varying in size and shape. They are easy to care for and need less water.


Swiss cheese plant


PC: Flickr


The main attraction of the Swiss Cheese plant is leaves. It has wide design leaves with bright green color. Leaves can be 3 feet long with uneven cuts at the edges.

Since it grows rapidly, needs to be trimmed if it’s growing in a container. Because of the size of the leaf, some people prefer it as an outdoor than indoor but you can cut the leaves and use it for decoration purpose.

They need more soil, humidity, and moisturization.