Do we really need a digital assistant? It is not a basic necessity like a mobile or laptop. why do we need to spend money on the thing which we don’t need regularly? Moreover, there is a default google assistant on androids and Siri on iPhones who serves the same way digital assistant does. All my opinions have been changed once the Google home has arrived. Now I have got used to it completely and cannot think of my home without Google assistant.

Google home offers a number of fun games to spend time with family and have fun during parties. It helps kids and everyone to learn many things. Here I have gathered some of the famous and fun games and divided them into different sections.


Kids-friendly games



Mad Libs

All you have to do is go on answering to Google for ‘Noun’, ‘Adjective’, ‘Female name’, ‘color’ etc. Then G assistant will make a story combining all the words that you have said and it will be fun to identify them between the story.

Sound pet

This game is like exploring a journey where you can hear many sounds and answer questions in between. Observe how beautifully the voice modulation has been programmed.

Lucky trivia and lucky trivia sports

Google home asks trivia questions to all the participants. Also, it will name each of them and asks different questions in each round. The winner will be announced at the end.

Which AvengerΒ am I?

Google home will ask 8 questions about your personality and character. Based on that it will tag you one avenger name at the end of the game.

Knowledge-based games



World capital quiz

‘What is the capital of Grece’
‘What is the capital of Finland’

This is the quiz game about capital cities of countries all over the world. This improves knowledge about world capital cities and i is the best way to teach kids.

Map quiz

5 rounds – each round has 5 questions

Google home shows a map picture on your phone and you need to identify the country. This game provides better geographical knowledge along with the fun. You can make a 5 kids group and bring more fun by their enthusiasm of winning the competition.

Maths Master Quiz

‘What comes after billion and trillion?
What does the Roman numeral C represent?

Google assistant asks such questions in Maths master quiz. Thus your kids can gain more knowledge in maths.

GRE word game

This is one of the best ways to learn English words, synonyms, antonyms etc. Google will never get tired of asking you questions. You can go on for as many as rounds you want.

Party and group games


Musical Chair

Just ask google ‘Let’s play musical chair’. Arrange the chairs while Google takes care of the rest.

How many people want to play? – Based on the number told Google starts the game.
Just follow the music by doing the actions what Google asks to do.

Riddle Rooms

Google will take you to the mysterious rooms and ask some mysterious questions. Listening to this make you feel listening to some movie audio. It will be fun if there are more people in the room.


Likewise, there are a number of games by Google assistant. Above mentioned are the ones which I love to play more often. What is your favorite game by google assistant? Let us know in the comment section!