Recent days Google Home is making a lot of sound in the gadgets market. I opt for Google home over Amazon echo plus or Apple Homepod because of its ability to handle self-reflection questions like ‘Hey Google, what you don’t know?’ and she replies ‘There are plenty I don’t know, like weather or not there AIs on other planets’.

Do we really need a digital assistant? If you have asked this question before buying Google home my answer was a ‘No’. It is not a basic necessity like a mobile or laptop. why do we need to spend money on the thing which we don’t need regularly? Moreover, there is a default google assistant on androids and Siri on iPhones who serves the same way digital assistant does.

All my opinions have been changed once the Google home has arrived. Now I have got used to it completely and cannot think of my home without Google assistant.

These digital assistants are programmed with the basic services like ‘Lights control’, ‘Ordering food’, ‘booking taxi’, ‘reading newspaper’, ‘weather condition’, ‘reading recipe’, ‘Call service’, ‘Alarm’, ‘reminders’ etc but Google home is one step ahead in impressing customers.

Though Amazon came with this idea, currently google home is leading the market. One advantage for Google home is, it can automatically be linked with all your Google account like Google music, photos etc. Also, Google being the number one search engine helps Google assistant with accurate results which is the most impressive fact.

The Pros of Google home over any digital assistant:


  1. Connection with Chromecast – Any device that has chromecast can be connected with Google home.
  2. Youtube integration – You can directly ask google to play music from youtube.
  3. More language options (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish)
  4. Voice recognition – Google home can recognize the voice and switch to their account & history automatically.
  5. Smart conversation – Google home has more special programming techniques to answer web-free questions. It can also remember what you are talking about and carries the conversation. If ‘Who is Tom Cruise’ is your first question then you can continue asking ‘What are his movies’, ‘Is he married’ etc without mentioning his name every time in the question.


How Google home helps with kids learning;


Stories, games, quizzes etc are the best way to teach Kids. Making them study with a book and pencil is very difficult and time-consuming process. Though schools provide homework which has to be completed this way but making them learn extracurricular or indulging with more knowledge can be done easily with Google home.

1. Measurements and Calculation

Try asking ‘How much Venus weighs’ or ‘How big is the blue whale’. You can even ask ‘How many grams in kg’ or ‘convert 5ft to meters’. Give a list of such questions to your kids and let them learn by asking Google on a daily basis.

2. Geography

Questions like ‘What is the capital of the United States’ or ‘How big is the Vatican city’ gives a clear picture about the world’s geography. Google’s maps is very accurate in spotting locations from all over the world.

3. Animal sounds

Try asking Google ‘What does the duck say?’, ‘What does the cow say’, ‘What does the dog say’ and google gives the exact animal sounds. I was surprised when Google answered ‘what does an ant say’. Not only animal, Google cal also mimic car, bus, train, ship, and plane sound.

4. Antonyms and Synonyms

If your kid needs help with writing essays or any other grammar google can be the teacher. Try asking ‘Synonyms of stress’ or ‘antonyms of help’ and it will definitely help you. You can even play GRE word game along with your kids.

5. Everything about things and People

‘Who invented telescope’, ‘First airplane passengers’ such questions about inventions, discoveries, wonders etc can be asked google to get to know about anything on the go.

6. Rhymes

Call Mr.Rhyme to teach any rhyme to your nursery kids. Not only he says the rhymes you have asked but also helps to know new rhymes. Great way to keep kids occupied.

7. Stories, facts & Jokes

I like the way google assistant narrates the story. Those dramatic sounds (birds, water, scream etc) in between the story are fun to listen. Listening story can be your kid’s bedtime routine. Also, it can say random facts to make you wonder and PJs to make you laugh.

7. Games

Along with the knowledge, helping with homework, stories etc google assistant has a  number of games. Kids games, party games, knowledge games, tricky games, musical chair etc.


To summarize, Google home can be your companion, teacher, music guide, assistant, informer, well-wisher, time passer and a friend who can make you laugh. Even though Google assistant exists on the phone, having a Google home is way more fun and useful. Mobiles are harmful but Google home is not. Everything goes on by your command. Bring google home today and see the difference.


This post is written as part of #myfriendalexa challenge initiated by Blogchatter. This challenge or task goes on for entire September(2018) and I will be posting as many posts as I can. Please read and share your opinion about this post.