The world is full of different personalities, talents and smart people. Whether you express it or not you have something special in you that stands out every time without your knowledge.

However, many people feel inferior by comparing themselves to someone who has a totally different persona. One thing we need to remember is, when you start the comparison game you will lose to yourself.

All we need is CONFIDENCE! No matter what the situation is, we should learn to handle it confidently and smartly. In this post, we are going to see a few tips to be smart in every situation.



1) Be Confident


As already mentioned, confidence is the key to success. Dress well and be confident whenever you are with people. Confidence is more beautiful and gorgeous than any other physical attractiveness. Expensive clothes, accessories are of no use if there is no confidence. It is okay to say ‘I don’t know‘ because there is no rule that everyone should know everything.

Confidence needs physical and mental strength. In order to be healthy physically apply these practices in your daily routine. Meditation helps to keep our thoughts clean and boosts mental strength.


2) Body Language


Work on your body language. May it be walking style, talking style or eating well it should look well mannered. Your body language speaks most of your personality. Bend your shoulders, raise your chest and walk with confidence.

Take a pause between sentences so that you can think about the subject and also this allows another person to let sink in with your thinking. Talk slowly, precisely and confidently.


3) Be Updated


Read more books, keep updated with current affairs and develope the habit of watching the news every morning. Social media helps you keep updated with current news and political change. Be active on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter but make sure to use them wisely.

Being updated help you build conversation, be part of discussions, crack interviews, find friends, have a good social persona, easy to earn compliments and many other things.


4) Eye Contact


Be fully present when you talk to people, give them your undivided attention. Make eye contact with the people. If you can’t look directly in the eyes, look at their nose tip, that’s how you can avoid your eyes rolling here and there. Stand study or fold your hands while talking to others.

Making eye contact shows your confidence and in-depth knowledge. While giving a presentation make sure to look at the entire crowd. If you are scared about locking eyes with the audience then look at the wall in front of you. Keep moving to avoid the exposure of your nervousness.




5) Learn To Listen


Listen to people, do not interrupt. Good speakers are good listeners. Roam with people who are not your age, talk to people who don’t belong to your language that’s how you will get a chance to listen to many stories, learn different cultures.

Always make your argument after listening to them completely. Don’t rush to impose your thoughts. Make them feel that you are listening and giving full attention. Also, don’t judge by just listening to half arguments.


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6) Talk Gently


Speak in a low tone helps you be in the flow and finish your talk without any interruption. Raising voice unnecessarily disconnects you from thinking and thus ending up in a bad conversation.

If you see entrepreneurs or success people they all speak in an authoritative plus lower tone. Talking gently helps you have control over your thoughts, speech and body language.



7) Be Comfortable


Whether it is office premises or social events or any other place you are in, always make yourself comfortable. This helps you to present yourself without any mistakes.

Also, your comfort helps you to make others comfortable. Think you are talking to your best friend, people around you is your family, you know the place.



8) Enjoy The Moment


If you keep thinking about how you are going to perform or worried about the results then definitely it is going to make you nervous. Always enjoy the moment which automatically brings confidence and creativity.

Most of the time we get nervous because we keep thinking about the situation we are going to face. You should know that you are fit enough to handle it and it is time to enjoy the moment.


9) Be Prepared


Even though you are good at it, perfect and have the credibility to deliver the expected, never go without preparation. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

Think about the questions or difficulties you may face and practice accordingly. This helps to boost confidence and succeed in the given task.



10) SMILE 🙂


Last but not least, Don’t forget to smile!! If you ask me how I will impress people in 1 minute, my answer is ‘I smile’.

A smile can make forget all your mistakes and helps to connect with people easily. A smile helps to win others’ hearts irrespective of character or different line of thoughts.