Knowing makeup hacks can be a game-changer. A good makeup artist knows how to fix the look with the help of available products. Sometimes you may run out of primer or makeup remover. In such cases, genius hacks like these will rescue you.

Whether it is a wedding or dinner date, makeup hacks are helpful for all kind of occasions. We are listing out these hacks so that every girl should know the trick.


1.  Flawless Look

Shrink pimple in an overnight

Before starting makeup, wrap ice in a spongy cloth and rub it all over your face.  Ice closes pores and minimizes the excess production of oil. If you have a pimple, place an ice cube over it for 2-3 minutes to minimize the swelling and redness. Repeat this process for 4-5 times a day.


2. Moisturizing Lips



Sprinkle water on green tea bag just to make sure that it is wet. Now gently press your lips for few minutes. This helps in moisturizing lips. Green tea provides UV ray protection and also reduces sunburn. Also, you can use a small drop of peppermint or any essential oil on your fingertip and apply it to your lips. Let your lips absorb the oil for 2-3 minutes before applying a lip gloss to plump your lips. Follow any of these steps before applying lipstick.


3. Don’t have a Primer?


If you don’t have primer try using fresh Aloe vera gel. Wait for it to dry before applying the foundation. Aloe vera gel helps to minimize pores and keeps skin hydrated for a longer time. You can either use 100% natural Alovera gel or use the gel from Alovera plant. Alovera gel provides moisturization to lips and helps to maintain skin texture.


4. Cake Finishing Trick


beauty tips for bride and groom


Always sponge the foundation inside out. This gives cake finishing Applying foundation is a very important part of the makeup. If you mess up here entire look will be altered. Dip the sponge in water before using it so that it will absorb the extra foundation and water locks the pores.


5. Applying Mascara


Use back of the spoon while applying mascara at the bottom of your eye. It is difficult to apply Mascara at the bottom of an eye. It might get into the skin making it look like dark circles. To avoid this use back of the teaspoon or a flat thin business card.


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6. Fixing Foundation Shade


If you have bought a foundation that is darker to your skin tone then try adding a moisturizer to make it lighter. We often buy foundation after testing the shade on the dorsal (back)side of our hand. Sometimes this might not match exactly with the skin tone. Don’t waste the foundation if it is darker. Just use the above method to use it effectively and wisely. This also works like a BB cream to give a sheer look.


7. Multipurpose Lipstick


makeup essentials


You can use the lipstick as a blush and as well as an eyeshade  Just take little lipstick in your finger and apply gently on cheeks and over eyes. don’t waste money on multiple products like blush, highlights, eyeshadow etc. Lipstick can be used as one product. Buy 2-3 colors of lipstick for different looks.


8. No makeup remover?


Don’t worry! Take some Vaseline on cotton and use this as a makeup remover. Petroleum jelly melts down the makeup. If you are not a makeup junkie then no need to buy costly makeup remover. You can also use baby oil to remove makeup. Cleanse face thoroughly to wash away all the dirt. Always sleep with a clean moisturized face to avoid skin problems.


9. Talcum Powder to the rescue


For long-lasting lipstick apply talcum powder with a tissue gently on all over the lips  Also if you have oily hair and don’t have time to wash your hair, rub talcum powder over hair to get rid oil, this also adds shine to hair.


10. Last but not least!


Don’t forget to SMILE 🙂 just imagine a beautiful lady with a sad face. Doesn’t look nice right? After all, a smile is a beautiful accessory that makes any women look beautiful. Smile boosts up your confidence and uplifts your personality. Smile and walk with pride like a QUEEN.