Skincare Mistakes


Today let’s see skincare mistakes that may damage your skin. 


A beautiful girl shows up on your Instagram timeline holding a skincare product. She is beautiful with flawless skin and suggesting to use that particular moisturizer for dry skin. Having dry skin and all other dry skin consequences for your whole life, you decide to give a try and click on the link to buy the product. Am I right? You may get a solution with the new product or you might end up with a big dissatisfaction.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try the skin care products. As I already said, it might work sometimes. But we are forgetting about the effect of multiple products on our skin.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are making skincare mistakes that are damaging our skin. In the process of getting clear skin, we are making way to many side effects.

Everyone has their own skincare routine. You might be having your own way of taking care of your skin. But does it really working? Are you doing any beauty blunders unknowingly?

Let’s see the biggest skincare mistakes that everyone does. Try avoiding these mistakes (if you are making any!) and have healthy and beautiful skin.


1. Sleeping with makeup


I generally apply makeup for parties, events or any special occasions. By the time I come home, it will be late or I will be tired too much that I will remove my heels and sleep anywhere I can.

In such scenarios who wants to do all the circus of removing makeup, scrubbing, cleansing, moisturizing blah blah. Right? We just want to sleep.

That’s the biggest mistake we are making. Never ever sleep with your makeup on. You may be too tired, sleepy, in a bad mood but always cleanly wash your face before going to bed.

In the night, skin repairs the damage of the skin and it needs hydration. Otherwise, you will get clogged pores which leads to blackheads and skin ages faster.

Even in normal days, make a habit of washing your face before going to bed. Make sure your cleanser/facewash has the ability to clean pores deeply. Then apply a moisturizer/night cream.



2. Not drinking enough Water


We all know that drinking water is the solution to many skin problems. Your beauty products might fail in solving acne or any other skin damages but water definitely does. Water acts as a miracle on the skin.

This is not some new research or theory. Yet we forget to drink enough water. Until we notice a small pimple on the cheeks we will be lost in hectic work.

Health experts say that a minimum of 2 litres of water is required for our body. Now don’t think about how many litres you are drinking per day. Just remember that the more water you drink the more health benefits you will get.

Add strawberry, cucumber or grape slices in your water bottle and drink it for the whole day.



3. Using too many products on the face


When it comes to makeup, we have primer, foundation, BB creams, etc. Also, we use toner, scrub, face wash, cleanser, face packs in order to make our skin look better.

All these things are made up of chemical-based ingredients. When we apply products full of chemicals on our face, ingredients may affect the skin resulting in skin damage.

Overexposing skin to harsh ingredients may cause skin irritation, itching, rashes, and redness. Few may cause heavy side effects like acne and skin burn.

Always choose skin care products that are made up of natural resources like Aloe vera and Tea Tree Oil. Instead of chemicals try these natural Fruit Face Packs to get fresh, clear and glowing skin.



4. Improper Diet


Sometimes we skip breakfast. We drink too many coffees in a single day. Eat processed food full of oil, artificial flavors & colors, saturated fats which directly lead to skin damages. Consuming more refined sugar and salt also can result in breakouts.

Make sure you have control over yourself in order to look better and be healthy. I know it is difficult to follow but it’s possible.

If you need a real glow on your skin then you should follow a timed diet. Eat breakfast, lunch & dinner on time. Include more proteins and greens in your diet.

Feed your skin with protein-rich food.

5. Lack of Sleep


Yes, we are busy! Modern lifestyle has changed our timetable. We go to bed late and wake up early in order to finish our planned projects or office work.

As the days pass, sleeping late will become our habit. Even if we want to sleep early, sleep won’t come to us. How ironic! Sometimes stress, pressure, the tension won’t let us sleep peacefully.

Not only the skin, but lack of sleep can impact whole body function. We know that skin repairs the damage caused during the daytime and regenerates while we are sleeping. If we don’t sleep it won’t happen, as simple as that!

Sleep for 8 hours in order to avoid natural dry skin. Let your skin take a deep breathe and moisturize well.


6. Frequent change of beauty products


We don’t have patience. If we have bought something today for acne then it should be effective by tomorrow. If a pimple is still there on our face, we throw that product and get ready to try a new one.

Sometimes beauty products take time to show results. You might notice the difference if you use them continuously one week or month.

We need to be patient. It might have worked for your friend within a week, but it takes time for you because every skin type is different. As long as there are no side effects I suggest to finish the full bottle.

If it’s not working even after, then go ahead to check out another one. But just remember to be patient.



7. Ignoring Dandruff


Is it one of the skincare mistakes? Yes! You never know what is the reason for breakouts. It might be because of the food or stress or side effect or dandruff! If you don’t know already, dandruff is one of the main reason for acne.

We concentrate on the face so much that we fail to notice small white devils on our scalp. Dandruff can cause a pimple on your face, chest, shoulders, and back.

If you have dandruff and acne, then try a good shampoo to get rid of dandruff. Try Aloe vera for the promising results.



8. Popping pimples


You hate it when you get a pimple! You hate how awkwardly it looks on your face. It makes you feel conscious whenever you are talking to people. It feels that everyone is looking at your pimple. Hence you decide to pop it up!

Bursting a pimple ruins your skin. If you don’t do it properly, it will spread across resulting in more pimples. you can go to a doctor to get it done professionally.

I say pimples are natural. Accept it. There is no need to hide your face or run away from situations.

One way to shrink a pimple is, by pressing it with a napkin dipped in hot water.



9. Overwashing face


Heavy exposure to sun, pollution, dirt makes you feel washing face over and over again. According to beauty experts, washing face once a day is more than enough!

Too much cleansing or heavy exfoliation may take away the natural oils from the face. As a result, skin turns dull, dry and sensitive. Dry and sensitive skin is prone to acne and breakouts.

Hence avoid washing face too often. Whenever you feel sweaty or feel like washing face, use wet tissues.



10. Not moisturizing 


People with oily skin may not need moisturizer (Though I suggest using a little amount of moisturizer in order to maintain healthy skin).

However, people who have dry skin, going through acne treatment, applying a lot of Benzyl peroxide should not miss the moisturizer.

Moisturization keeps skin hydrated and breathe. Don’t forget to apply enough amount of moisturizer every time you wash your face.

Also, it is very important to keep skin hydrated during the night. Before going to bed, wash your face cleanly to remove all the makeup and chemicals and apply moisturizer.