5 simple winter car protection tips


Winter has already begun. A few days back we experienced a heavy thunderstorm with 8 inches of snow. There are many to come until the winter is over. I have been researching a lot to protect our car and here in this post, I would like to share the tips I learned.

The first thing which stops you from all the trouble is, parking the car in the garage. We stay in an apartment and Garage rent is way more expensive. Since we have to take the garage throughout the lease, we cannot waste money on garage rentals in summer.

I know that the garage is very useful in winter to protect the car from snow, storm, heavy rain, icy rain etc. Since I have found these tips to prevent all the hiccups, garage is not really required.

If you stay in places where snow is common then I’m sure these tips are very handy for you. You can save money and effort by following the tips I’m going to provide in this post.

Even if you are not staying in snowy places, these tips will help you from the trouble that usually happens in the winter irrespective of location.


So let’s see how to protect your car in winter.


1. Keep your car winter-ready

Very few people think about the winter well in advance and take necessary precautions. Most of the people (people like me!) know that winter is coming yet they are lazy to get ready for the winter.

You will never learn the lesson until and unless accidents happen. Don’t be like that! Listen to people who have experienced and learn from others mistakes.


Take care of these things;

  • Fit (well inflated) tire & four wheels drive
  • Check your car battery strength. Replace the weak battery
  • Make sure your gas tank is at least half full
  • As per the suggestion of AAA, wipers should be replaced every year.
  • Make sure all lights (headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency light etc) are working.
  • Firestone says that a 5W oil is recommended for winter


Tip: Avoid charging or jump-starting a frozen battery. It may explode and cause damage.


2. Accessory Kit


Next thing is to get snow accessory kit. Why I’m listing this as a separate point because without the kit you cannot do anything. Everyone knows about basic snow brush & scraper but we also need more accessories for hassle-free snow removal from the car.

You might get stuck in the middle of the road, there might be solid ice accumulated on your car, windows might be frozen and many other usual problems that are caused by the snow.

You need proper accessories to get rid of these problems. As a precaution to drive on icy roads it is advised to have a few basic essentials such as blankets, food, batteries, torch etc.


What should a Winter accessory Kit contain?

  • Snow Brush & Snow Scraper: As already said, these 2 are the basic things. Make sure you get the long snow brush that helps to remove snow from any corner of the car. Scraper grip should be firm in order to scrape the solid snow.
  • Shovel: Snow remover shovel helps you to take out the snow that has accumulated near your car tires. If you are stuck in the snow you can dig out the snow using a shovel.
  • Salt & Sand: These help to melt the snow.
  • Snow & Ice repellent spray: The best solution to avoid a problem is to stay out of the problem. If you have snow warning, spray this on your car to prevent the accumulation of heavy snow.


3. Solution to Foggy windows


Driving becomes difficult because of the foggy windows. What you will do if your windows start getting foggy while driving? Wipers will not come to the rescue.

If there is moisturization inside the car, windows get foggy. The best way to avoid foggy windows is to maintain a high temperature in the car. You can increase the temperature to the max to get instant solution.


For Foggy windows;

  • Put some toothpaste on a dry cloth and wipe windows with it. Few people suggest that wiping windows with onion, Avocado etc also provide a solution to foggy windows.
  • Use Chalk eraser to wipe the foggy window.
  • Make sure there is no humidity inside the car. Don’t keep coffee cups with no lid or water bottle with no cap.


Tip: Buy an outdoor Winter car cover. This can be used to protect car from sun, rain, hailstorms, snow & dust.


4. Protection of Mirror & Headlights


Mirror & headlights are very important hence need to be protected during snow season. If you cannot see the road or traffic behind you then safe driving is impossible.

You can cover the mirrors from the snow. Take Plastic covers or large thermal Gloves(Waterproof) and put on Side mirrors. Thus once the snow is over you can easily take them out from the mirror.

I read that applying wax on headlights well before the snow will help. If you forgot to do this and facing blurry headlights then use Rubbing alcohol to clean the headlights.


5. Rust & Corrosion


In case of freezing temperatures, snow on the roads will turn icy and becomes too dangerous for driving. Normally snow will be removed manually to help citizens.

If the snowfall is continuous, road departments use salt to melt the snow. A chemical reaction between salt and ice melts the snow. A mixture of salt and sand is even better (As said in the first point).

Salt can cause rust & corrosion on your car or any vehicle. Especially the undercarriage of the vehicle, which is more exposed to salt has the highest possibility of corrosion.


To avoid this;

  • Wash your car after every snowstorm
  • Coat a wax layer on exposed parts
  • Oil solution coating avoids salt sticking to the vehicle
  •  Avoid driving as much as possible


Do you know any other winter car care tips? Share in the comment section. Let’s make everyone’s life safe.